Ultech Engineering's Unforgettable Retreat: A 3-Day Adventure in Cool Genting Highlands

Ultech Engineering's Unforgettable Retreat: A 3-Day Adventure in Cool Genting Highlands

Ultech Engineering Journey to KLIA2 and Bus Charter to Genting

Ultech Engineering's company retreat to Genting was a memorable and eventful experience for the 23 team members (+1 baby on board!) who embarked on the 3-day, 2-night journey. The diverse group, including engineers, technicians, bosses, admins, and business people, began their adventure by heading from Miri, Sarawak to KLIA2 airport.


Once at the airport, the team boarded a private charter bus that would take them to the enchanting Genting Highlands. The first day kicked off with the group checking into the hotel, and it was a free and easy day for everyone. Many employees took the opportunity to explore the shopping malls, plan activities, and decide on breakfast spots for the following day.

Things To Do at Genting Highlands


On the second day, the team split into different activities available at Genting Highlands. Some enjoyed the thrilling rides and attractions at the Genting Skyworlds theme park, while others opted for a more serene experience, traveling down the Awana cable car to visit the Chin Swee Temple.

Company Trip with Annual Dinner


The day reached its climax with the company's annual dinner gathering at Paradise Dynasty restaurant, specializing in Chinese cuisine. The theme for this year's annual dinner was also to celebrate Ultech Engineering's 10-Year Anniversary. The attendees were treated to xiaolongbao and a variety of other delicious Chinese delicacies.

As the night unfolded, some team members tried their luck at the casino, adding a touch of excitement to the retreat. The following morning marked the end of the trip, with a final breakfast before the team headed back down to the airport for the return journey.


Throughout the retreat, the weather in Genting was pleasant, with a nice chill in the air, especially when it rained and the wind blew. Interestingly, the rooms didn't come equipped with air-conditioning, reflecting the cool climate of Genting.


For some colleagues, it was their first time experiencing Genting Highlands, making the trip not only enjoyable but also a casual affair filled with exploration, entertainment, and camaraderie. The retreat left everyone with lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment as they returned home.

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