Celebrating the 247th US Independence Day: Ultech Engineering at the US Embassy of Brunei's Exclusive Event

ultech engineering celebrates 247th us independence day at the US Ambassador's House for the Embassy of Brunei

With the 4th of July, the US Independence Day approaching, we recall the time we were invited to the prestigious US Ambassador's Residence hosted by the US Embassy of Brunei. Ultech Engineering, a trusted partner for over a decade, was crucial in ensuring a seamless power supply for the event. This article delves into the event's highlights and the longstanding partnership between Ultech Engineering and the US Embassy.

Ultech Engineering: A Trusted Partner for a Decade

Since 2012, Ultech Engineering has been the chosen vendor for providing a reliable backup power solution for the US Embassy of Brunei and the Ambassador's Residence. We were honored to be selected due to our innovative proposal, which included a unique backup power generator and genset controller. Over the years, Ultech Engineering has consistently serviced and maintained the power generator and controller, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during critical situations.

An Exclusive Night for Independence to Celebrate the 4th of July


To prioritize security measures, the US Embassy decided to host the event on the 6th of June, also known as D-Day. This precautionary measure was taken considering the history of potential security threats towards US political figures and events. The event, strictly by invitation only, allowed guests to enjoy an exclusive and safe celebration of the US Independence Day.

Sports Jersey Theme: A Fun Twist to the Evening


Adding an element of excitement and camaraderie, the dressing theme for the night was the sports jerseys of our favorite teams. Attendees embraced the spirit of sportsmanship, donning jerseys representing their beloved teams from various sports. This creative choice of attire fostered a lively and engaging atmosphere throughout the event.

A Delightful Evening of Food and Music

The night was filled with delightful culinary experiences and captivating performances. The buffet table featured an array of American and sports-themed food, including mouthwatering burgers, popcorn, and delectable football and basketball-shaped cake pops. Guests indulged in these scrumptious treats, savoring the flavors of both nations.

Musical entertainment was provided by a talented young band that infused contemporary pop-rock music with the traditional sounds of the sape, a Borneoan musical instrument. This fusion of cultures created a harmonious and unique musical experience, captivating the audience.

The Honorable Guests and Officiating Ceremony

The guest of honor for the evening was Dato Nazmi, the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, accompanied by his wife. Ambassador McClelland and Sports Envoys Lorrie Fair and Amy Griffin officially inaugurated the event. The ceremony's highlight was singing the national songs of both Brunei and the USA, symbolizing the unity and friendship between the two nations.


During the ceremony, Lorrie Fair and Amy Griffin presented Dato Nazmi with signed jerseys and a trophy, further strengthening the ties between the US Embassy and Brunei's Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports. This gesture showcased the shared values of sportsmanship and collaboration.

Festivities All Night Long


As the evening progressed, the festivities continued with guests mingling and dancing to the infectious beats of the contemporary pop-rock band. The joyous atmosphere resonated throughout the event, creating memorable experiences and fostering new connections.

Concluding the Day

The 247th Independence Day event at the US Ambassador's Residence in Brunei was a grand celebration of the longstanding friendship between the United States and Brunei. Ultech Engineering's continuous support and maintenance of the power generator and controller showcased our commitment to ensuring a reliable power supply for such significant events. As we look forward to many more years of collaboration, Ultech Engineering remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the US Embassy of Brunei and exceeding expectations with our exceptional service.

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