Christmas 2023: Sailing Into Christmas Bliss


What is Christmas?

As winter unfolds its magic across the world, and some places bask in the warmth of a tropical breeze, a global celebration emerges, marking a moment of shared joy and unity. Christmas, observed on December 25th in many corners of the globe, transcends its religious origin to become a cultural extravaganza, warmly embraced by people of diverse backgrounds. While rooted in the Christian tradition as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas has evolved into a universal celebration that bridges communities, transcends borders, and brings people together in the spirit of love and goodwill.

This article explores the rich tapestry of Christmas, weaving together its religious significance, global traditions, act of kindness, festive decorations and the inclusive nature that makes it a celebration for all. Join us on a journey through the enchanting world of Christmas, where the warmth of festive lights mirrors the glow of hearts coming together in celebration, whether under snowflakes or the gentle embrace of a tropical evening.

Christmas Celebration (Credit to Tierny Mcafee, 2023)

Christmas Vibes in the Workplace (Onshore Merriment)

Welcome to the enhancing world of Ultech Engineering, where the magic of Christmas transcends both land and sea. As the festive season unfolds, our offices, bustling both onshore and offshore, come alive with the spirit of celebration, creative a tapestry of unique experiences that define the essence of our diverse company culture.

In the heart of industrial automation, where the machinery usually takes center stage, a shift in the atmosphere occurs as December unfolds. The clatter of keyboards harmonizes with the faint sound of holiday jingles, marking the onset of Christmas cheer at Ultech Engineering, as the  industrial automation solution provider. Far from the conventional image of snow-covered landscapes, our workplace embraces the festive spirit in a unique, onshore setting.

In the bustling onshore office, we weave a festive symphony of twinkling lights, tinsel and laughter, transforming our workplace into a haven of holiday cheer. Colleagues become companions and desks are adorned with the warmth of shared traditions and joyful camaraderie. From Secret Santa surprises to spirited decorations, our onshore teams come together to create an atmosphere that mirrors the joyous essence of Christmas.

Yet, our story doesn't end at the shore. Venture into the vast expanse of the offshore, where dedicated teams navigate the challenges of the waves with unwavering commitment. In this unconventional setting, the sea becomes a canvas for a different kind of celebration—one marked by resilience, innovation, and the bonds forged amidst the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Join us on a journey through the pages of this article, as we unravel the tales of Christmas at Ultech Engineering—where festive merriment knows no boundaries, and the holiday spirit unites us all, regardless of the miles that may lie between us. We delve into the lively Christmas vibe within the walls of Ultech Engineering, exploring how the integration of festive traditions enhances camaraderie, sparks creativity, and transforms our workplace into a haven of merriment. From innovative decorations to different projects that our team has been working on throughout the year, discover how our team comes together to celebrate Christmas in the heart of industrial ingenuity.

Christmas Day at office (Credit to Jason Rantz, 2022)

Offshore Adventures

Christmas for seafarers can be a very difficult time, whether they are at sea or in a foreign port. They are away from their loved ones, and it is especially challenging for those who have children back at home.

Unlike those fortunate people who may have several days or even weeks away from work during the Christmas and New Year period to celebrate and spend time with family and friends, for seafarers it is often business as usual, just normal working days with the same routine.

Seafarers are under increasing pressure to adapt to rapidly changing working conditions with more automation, and meeting more stringent regulations such as ballast water treatment and new rules on emissions and other environmental issues. Christmas can offer a brief respite to those routines and pressures and enable those on board to relax and reflect.

SIM cards and Wi-Fi were top of the Christmas list for many seafarers. For crew who’ve been away for months, speaking to family on Christmas day is a priceless gift. Our thoughts must go out even more to those seafarers unfortunate enough to be on ships whose owners do not provide even basic facilities or recognize that Christmas is a special time with a need to enable seafarers to celebrate in some way or contact their families.

Seafarers on call during Christmas and New Year also share in the sacrifices made by their colleagues who are away from their families for extended periods. Their commitment to duty and responsibility helps to ensure that goods are transported, and global trade continues to flow seamlessly.

For those seafarers who find themselves abandoned in a foreign port, and of which there are still far too many, we take the opportunity to redouble our efforts to give them the basic rights they deserve

Even for those ships in foreign ports during the Christmas period, it is not straightforward. They may be in countries that do not celebrate Christmas or engaged in work that cannot take a break. If normal work is not taking place, local facilities may be shut down completely for one or more days.

Despite all efforts to provide home comforts, leisure facilities and communications, it is impossible to get away from the fact that the job entails being away from partners, children and other family members often for extended periods and nothing can entirely compensate for that.

For those seafarers in ports with access to Missions to Seafarers facilities, or those of other seafarers’ charities, they can provide a welcome refuge and services where seafarers can escape at least for a short period the daily pressures and contact their families if they cannot do so onboard. At Christmas, in particular, this can be a vital respite for the men and women who are providing an essential service and sacrificing being with their loved ones at a special time of year. Wherever they may be seafarers deserve our thoughts during this period and the support of those taking their time to make what can be an especially challenging time, just a little more bearable.

As we wrap up this tale of Christmas at Ultech Engineering, we're reminded of the different stories that make our festive season unique. From the lively celebrations at our offices to the adventures of our colleagues at sea, we all come together in the holiday spirit. In our workplace, where machines usually take the spotlight, we add a touch of festive joy with decorations and laughter.

We wish everyone—whether you're at work or enjoying time off—a cheerful Christmas and a happy upcoming year. In the mix of work celebrations and seafaring stories, let's remember that the holiday spirit connects us all. To our Christmas crews and everyone at Ultech, may your season be filled with joy, togetherness, and the magic of the holidays.

We wish everyone, whether at sea or ashore, working or at home, the very best Christmas for you and your families.

Christmas Offshore

A Christmas 2023 Celebration: Joyful Moments at Ultech Engineering

In yon workplace, where machines do hum,
A festive spirit, bright as day, has come.
On desks adorned with tinsel's sheen,
Colleagues gather, a joyous scene.
Not a snow-laden landscape, nor winTter's chill,
Yet warmth abounds, and hearts do fill.
In Ultech's halls, a merry tune,
Of camaraderie beneath the moon.
Offshore, where waves their tales do tell,
Seafarers brave the ocean swell.
Through ebb and flow, a resilient song,
In their hearts, the holiday throng.
In the workshop's hum and the sea's embrace,
Festive joy paints each and every space.
To our crews and all, a wish sincere,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

William Shakespeare
Christmas in the pioneer time, 2015

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