From Grid to Genset: Ultech Engineering's DEIF Advanced Genset Controllers (AGC) Ensure a Smooth Transition

From Grid to Genset: Ultech Engineering's DEIF Advanced Genset Controllers (AGC) Ensure a Smooth Transition

Explore the world of backup power solutions with DEIF Advanced Genset Controllers (AGC), proudly brought to you by Ultech Engineering, an authorized system integrator. In this post, we'll delve into real-world applications, feature insights, and a head-to-head comparison between AGC 150 and AGC-4 Mk II models. Learn how these controllers ensure uninterrupted power for critical operations.

1. DEIF AGC Oil and Gas Industry Applications:

  • Offshore Oil Rigs and Platforms: AGC systems are indispensable for maintaining continuous power on offshore oil rigs. They manage multiple generator sets, providing load-sharing and synchronization features to ensure uninterrupted operations in remote and challenging environments.
  • Remote Pumping Stations: Within the oil and gas sector, AGC controllers are employed to power remote pumping stations. These controllers guarantee automatic start/stop functionality and efficient load management to maintain the flow of oil and gas in pipeline operations.

2.Β DEIF AGC Marine Industry Applications:

  • Ships and Vessels: Advanced genset controllers are of utmost importance on ships for managing auxiliary generators. They offer automatic load management and synchronization to secure a stable power supply throughout the voyage.

3.Β DEIF AGC Palm Oil Industry Applications:

  • Plantation Operations: In palm oil plantations, automatic genset controllers play a pivotal role in managing generator sets that power processing mills, irrigation systems, and various operations. They provide automated start/stop functionality and efficient load management for optimal palm oil production.

4. DEIF AGC General Industries Applications:

  • Manufacturing Facilities: Numerous manufacturing plants rely on automatic genset controllers to ensure uninterrupted power for production lines and machinery. These controllers carefully monitor power demand and trigger additional generators automatically when needed to prevent downtime and adhere to production schedules.
  • Commercial Buildings: In commercial and residential settings, automatic genset controllers are deployed to manage backup generators. They initiate the generator automatically during grid outages, guaranteeing the operation of essential systems like lighting, HVAC, and security.
  • Critical Facilities: Hospitals, data centers, and other critical facilities depend on advanced genset controllers to deliver backup power during grid failures. These controllers ensure seamless transitions to generator power, preserving patient care, data integrity, and business operations.
  • Telecommunications: For cell towers and base stations in the telecommunications industry, automatic genset controllers oversee power supply, ensuring that essential communication systems remain operational. They facilitate automatic start/stop functionality and distribute loads to maintain network connectivity.
Video: DEIF and its AGC-150 controller made a unique, sustainable microgrid solution possible

These scenarios illustrate the versatility and significance of AGC systems in various industries, assuring dependable and uninterrupted power supplies for mission-critical applications.

Shared Features of the DEIF Advanced Genset Controllers


Both the "AGC 150 Generator" and "AGC-4 Mk II" controllers offer a range of shared features that enhance their usability and versatility. These features include adaptable controls through the Touch Display Unit (TDU), support for various analog inputs for efficient measurements, seamless Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) sequences, effective CAN communication for data exchange, and flexible operation modes within a single software interface. Compatibility with DEIF's digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) also ensures precise voltage control. Additionally, these controllers come with features like emission control, training emulation, Engine CANbus support, engine derate functionality, Ethernet connectivity, load control, synchronization capabilities, and UL approval, making them reliable choices for diverse generator control applications.

Exclusive Features of DEIF AGC 150 Generator:

  • -40 Degree Support: The "AGC 150 Generator" operates seamlessly even in extremely cold conditions, with functionality down to -40 degrees.
  • Front Mount: Supporting front mounting, this controller offers installation flexibility.
  • Load Add/Shedding Support: It provides dynamic load management, facilitating load addition and shedding.

Exclusive Features of DEIF AGC-4 Mk II:

  • Din Rail Mount: The "AGC-4 Mk II" can be effortlessly mounted on Din rails, allowing for versatile installation options.
  • Dynamic Plant Supervision: Supporting dynamic plant supervision through the TDU 107, it enhances control and monitoring of plant operations.
  • Flexible Hardware: This controller offers hardware flexibility, allowing for customization.
  • Fuel Optimization: It features fuel optimization for efficient usage and cost savings.
  • Galvanic Isolated AC Measurements: Offers galvanic isolated AC measurements to ensure enhanced accuracy.
  • Gridcode Compliance: Complies with grid codes such as EN 50549-1:2019 and ENA EREC G99, ensuring grid stability.
  • Live Capability Curve Supervision: Supports live capability curve supervision via the TDU 107, enabling real-time control.
  • Power Management Core & Extended: Provides extensive power management capabilities, including support for over 32 gensets.
  • Rear Mount: The "AGC-4 Mk II" can be rear-mounted for flexible installation options.
  • Redundant Controller: It offers redundancy, enhancing system reliability.
  • Touch Screen Support: Supports touch screens, including the TDU 107, for an intuitive user interface.
  • TÜV Approved: Holds TÜV approval, confirming compliance with German medium and low voltage standards.

These features collectively underscore the advanced capabilities and versatility of each controller model, ensuring that users can choose the one that best aligns with their specific operational requirements and installation preferences.

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