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IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme provides globally recognized certificates for individuals involved in designing, installing, and maintaining equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. This certification confirms the holder's competence in safely working within the Ex industry, conducting tasks on Ex equipment, and ensuring their safe operation in accordance with protection techniques.


Workplace Safety

Competency courses enhance workplace safety by equipping participants with the knowledge and training needed to foster a secure and compliant work environment.


Career Development

The IECEx Certification enhances candidates' competitiveness in the industry by validating their expertise and commitment to high standards in hazardous area work.
IECEx CoPC Training

5 Types of IECEx CoPC courses offered

Ex001 - Electrical Equipment in Potentially Explosive Atmosphere - Basic Principles

The Ex001 unit encompass a comprehensive understanding of hazard definition, classification of hazardous materials, risk nature assessment, and the need to eliminate ignition sources. Participants will gain insights into area classification and diverse types of Ex apparatus, correlation between electrical equipment, gas groups, and temperature classes. Additionally, the program aims to develop the ability to recognize and identify various certified equipment, along with the essential skills for visually inspecting different equipment types to meet regulatory requirements.
Unit Fee: RM5,300-00


Ex002 - Perform Classification of Hazardous Area

The Ex002 Unit is an extensive program that delves deep into the intricate principles governing explosive atmospheres, explosion protection, classification techniques, and the indispensable work performance competence required for effective hazardous area classification.
Unit Fee: RM8,755-00


Ex003 & Ex006 - Explosion Protection Equipment Installation and Testing

While the Ex003 unit focuses on knowledge of installing Ex equipment, Ex006 equips participants with necessary competency for testing Ex installation. Participants that enroll in this bundled unit typically find themselves equipped with competency of installing and testing explosion-protected equipment.

The Ex003 unit covers general information on Ex installations, fitting requirements associated with various protection methods, specifications for cable extension, identification of equipment and protection methods, and the documentation requirements involved in the installation process.

The Unit Ex006 equips participants with the necessary competencies for testing Ex installations. This includes measuring insulation resistance, conducting functional tests on equipment, identifying and addressing typical faults and defects, and verifying and correcting documentation. The unit ensures that participants are well-versed in the meticulous testing procedures required for ensuring the integrity and safety of Ex installations. The practical emphasis on measuring, testing, and troubleshooting provides participants with hands-on skills critical for successful implementation and maintenance.
Unit Fee: RM7,725-00


Ex004, Ex007 & Ex008 - Maintain Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres and Inspection of Electrical Installation

The program extends beyond installation practices, encompassing the critical skills required for evaluating the completeness of hazardous area verification dossiers and ensuring compliance with explosion-protected aspects through visual or close inspections.

Special emphasis is given to maintenance of equipment (Ex004 Unit), visual and close inspections (Ex007 Unit) and detailed inspections for electrical and instrumentation equipment (Ex008 Unit)

Ex004 Unit covers the explosion-protection aspects related to the maintenance of explosion-protected equipment and associated wiring systems. This includes the development and management of maintenance programs, incorporating strategies for inspections, repair, overhaul, replacement of components, and recording of maintenance outcomes. The competence required extends to working safely, adhering to standards and manufacturer's instructions, and completing necessary maintenance documentation.

Ex007 Unit encompasses the evaluation of the completeness of a hazardous area verification dossier and the compliance of explosion-protected aspects in electrical installations. The competency required involves working safely in hazardous areas, assessing verification dossiers, identifying certified explosion-protected equipment and their specified locations, inspecting installations for compliance, and reporting and acting on inspection results.

Ex008 Unit focuses on the explosion-protection aspects of conducting initial, periodic, and sample audit inspections of explosion-protected equipment and installations. The competency required includes auditing verification dossiers, working safely in hazardous areas, inspecting against standards, and effectively reporting and acting on inspection results.
Unit Fee: RM7,725-00


Ex009 - Design of Electrical Installation In Or Associated with Explosive Atmosphere

The IECEx CoPC Unit Ex009 course delves into the intricate realm of explosion protection within the design of electrical power, control, and instrumentation systems and installations.By focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, participants develop the proficiency to craft design briefs and pursue cost-effective and efficient solutions for explosion protection. Moreover, the course serves as a preparatory platform for the IECEx CoPC Unit Ex009 assessment, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to meet the rigorous standards and requirements of the industry. Overall, this educational endeavor provides a holistic understanding of the subject, combining theoretical foundations with practical applications to prepare individuals for the complexities of designing and implementing explosion-protection measures in electrical systems.
Unit Fee: RM8,755-00


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the target audience for the IECEx Training & Certification Program?

The program is tailored for a diverse range of professionals in Sabah and Sarawak, including managers, engineers, supervisors, inspectors, technicians, QA/QC personnel, and individuals involved in the installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation equipment. Health, safety, and environmental officers will also find this training valuable in enhancing their expertise in managing operations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

How Does Ultech Engineering Support Its Personnel in IECEx Certification?

Ultech Engineering hosts local preparatory courses and assessments in partnership with Capeserve Energy at Sabah and Sarawak to later on conduct assessments before the appointed personnel passes the evaluation and receives an official certificate from Exert Certification body to be a hazardous environment competent person.

Are There Prerequisites for IECEx CoPC Certification?

Yes, there are prerequisites for IECEx CoPC Certification. These include specific unit competencies, technical education or equivalent qualifications, and a minimum number of years of experience in relevant fields. These prerequisites ensure that candidates have a solid foundation before pursuing certification.

There are the prerequisites of IECEx CoPC units before enrollment, as follows: 
Ex001: According to IECEx OD 504 Ed.3.0, Ex001 does not have a minimum level of technical education requirement.
Ex002: Ex002 requires candidates to possess a degree, diploma, or equivalent in this unit. Area classification should be conducted by individuals knowledgeable about the properties of flammable materials, well-acquainted with the process and equipment, including qualified personnel in safety, electrical, mechanical, and other engineering fields.
Ex003 & Ex006: Ex003 and Ex006 require candidates to possess technical education or equivalent qualifications, a minimum of 3 years of experience in electrical installation, and a successful completion of the IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 001.
Ex 004, Ex 007 & Ex 008: Same prerequisites as Ex003 & Ex006. 
Ex009: Ex009 requires candidates to have a Degree or Diploma in Technical education relevant to the application and a minimum of 3 years of experience in electrical installation design, with a successful completion of the IECEx CoPC Unit Ex 001.

Our Training Provider and Certification Body

Capeserve Energy

Capeserve Energy, in collaboration with EXERT CERTIFICATION (ExCB), is conducting IECEx CoPC courses and assessments in various countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. Capeserve Energy is certified as an IECEx Recognized Training Provider (RTP) within the IECEx system. Their IECEx preparatory courses adhere to the structure and criteria outlined in IECEx OD 503 and IECEx OD 504, which are in alignment with the IECEx Certified Persons Scheme. 
Link to their Website >>

Exert Certification

Exert Certification is a worldwide specialized firm that provides training, technical consulting services, and IECEx Certification to all relevant sectors in the fields of electrical safety and processes. Exert Certification is approved as Certifying Body (CB) by IECEx for the Certificate of Personnel Competence scheme (CoPC).
Link to their Website >>

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Only for Sabah and Sarawak! Signup for the IECEx CoPC course here and we will get back in touch with you!

(Minimum of 5-10 pax of signups before class will commence)
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