IECEx CoPC Unit Ex003 & Ex006: Installing Explosion-Protected Equipment Like a Pro


Unit Ex003 & Unit Ex006

What is the IECEx CoPC Unit Ex003 and Ex006 Course all about?

Unit Ex003 of Competency focuses on the explosion protection aspects related to the installation of explosion-protected equipment and associated wiring systems. It demands proficiency in matching equipment specifications with the requirements of a given location, ensuring safe work practices, adherence to installation standards, and completion of necessary documentation. This competency aligns with the guidelines set forth in IEC 60079-14 and other pertinent standards applicable to the units, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of all protection types for effective installation.

Unit Ex006 of Competency addresses the explosion protection considerations in the testing of explosion-protected equipment and associated wiring systems. It necessitates the ability to appropriately select testing methods and tools based on location specifications, ensuring safe work practices and compliance with testing documentation. Aligned with IEC 60079-14 and other relevant standards, this unit emphasizes a thorough understanding of all protection types for effective maintenance.

For whom are the Ex003 and Ex006 programs designed?

Unit Ex003 program is specifically crafted for professionals engaged in Ex Electrical and Instrumentation Installation, encompassing Electricians, Technicians, Supervisors, Inspectors, and Engineers. Meanwhile, the Unit Ex006 program is designed to cater to Electricians, Technicians, Supervisors, Inspectors, and Engineers, as well as individuals aspiring to augment their expertise in explosion protection. Both programs offer comprehensive training to enhance knowledge and skills in their respective domains.

The Expected Learning Outcomes of Unit Ex003 and Unit Ex006

Unit Ex003 and Unit Ex006 learning  outcomes encompass a detailed understanding of diverse codes and standards, along with competency schemes employed globally. Participants will delve into the concepts and features of various protection methods, gaining comprehensive insights into the intricacies of explosion protection. The program emphasizes knowledge acquisition regarding the verification of equipment suitability prior to installation, covering various installation practices tailored to different zone ratings.

Additionally, participants will develop proficiency in testing equipment both online and offline. The course goes beyond technical aspects, addressing the work culture, procedural aspects, and risk management within the realm of explosion protection, ensuring a holistic grasp of the subject matter. Overall, participants will emerge from the course equipped with a nuanced understanding of codes, competencies, protection methodologies, and practical considerations essential for effective and safe practices in the field.

The Course Content within the Unit Ex003 and Unit Ex006

The course contents are intricately designed based on the competence requirements outlined in OD 504, with a specific emphasis on the IEC 60079-14 norm. Serving as a preparatory course for IECEx certification, it comprehensively covers two key units:

Unit 003: Installing Ex Equipment

Unit Ex003 provides participants with essential knowledge and skills related to Ex installations. Topics covered include general information on Ex installations, fitting requirements associated with various protection methods, specifications for cable extension, identification of equipment and protection methods, and the documentation requirements involved in the installation process. The emphasis on the IEC 60079-14 norm ensures that participants gain a thorough understanding of international standards, preparing them for effective and compliant installation practices.

Unit 006: Testing Ex Installations

Focusing on the testing aspect, Unit Ex006 equips participants with the necessary competencies for testing Ex installations. This includes measuring insulation resistance, conducting functional tests on equipment, identifying and addressing typical faults and defects, and verifying and correcting documentation. The unit ensures that participants are well-versed in the meticulous testing procedures required for ensuring the integrity and safety of Ex installations. The practical emphasis on measuring, testing, and troubleshooting provides participants with hands-on skills critical for successful implementation and maintenance.

Throughout both units, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of the IEC 60079-14 norm, enhancing participants' capabilities to navigate the complexities of explosion protection. The content is structured to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical applications, ensuring that participants are not only well-versed in standards but also capable of implementing and testing Ex installations effectively and in compliance with international regulations.

Training Methodology of Unit Ex003 and Ex006

The training methodology for Unit Ex003 combines theoretical sessions on Ex installations, fitting requirements, and equipment identification with hands-on practical exercises, aligning with the IEC 60079-14 norm. Assessment evaluates both theoretical understanding and practical application. Similarly, the Unit  Ex006 training employs a balanced approach, covering theoretical aspects such as insulation resistance and functional testing, with practical exercises mirroring real-world scenarios.

Course Details and Prerequisites of Unit Ex003 and Ex006

The course duration for Unit Ex003 and Ex006 is one day in total, with an optional external assessment conducted on Day 2. To enroll, participants must meet essential prerequisites, including IECEx CoPC Ex001 unit Competence, technical education (or equivalent), and a minimum of three years of experience in electrical installation. These prerequisites ensure that participants have the foundational knowledge and experience necessary to benefit fully from the course and successfully navigate the content.  The cost of the course is RM7725.00.

Navigating the Realm of Explosion Protection: Ultech Engineering and Capeserve's Collaborative Professional Training

Unit Ex003 and Ex006 programs offered by Ultech Engineering are meticulously designed to equip professionals with comprehensive skills in the installation and testing of explosion-protected equipment. Aligned with global standards such as IEC 60079-14, participants, including Electricians, Technicians, Supervisors, Inspectors, and Engineers, gain in-depth knowledge of protection methodologies and practical insights for effective implementation and maintenance. The collaboration with CapServe ensures that these programs not only meet industry standards but also address the evolving needs of professionals in the field. Through a balanced training methodology and a focus on practical applications, UlTech Engineering and Capeserve Energy jointly empower participants with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of explosion protection confidently and professionally.

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