Introducing Ultech Engineering's DEIF Single Genset Controllers (SGC): Enhancing Your Generator's Efficiency


Ultech Engineering presents DEIF Single Genset Controllers, the backbone of your power generator. These controllers ensure efficient and reliable operation in diverse applications. Whether you manage an industrial facility or own a business, our controllers are designed to enhance generator performance. Discover how Ultech Engineering's Single Genset Controllers can be your generator's best friend, providing seamless, worry-free power generation.

DEIF single genset controllers are versatile and find applications in a wide range of industries. Here are some use cases across the different sectors Ultech Engineering covers:

1. Oil and Gas Industry Applications:

  • Offshore Platforms: DEIF single genset controllers are used to ensure reliable power generation on offshore oil rigs and platforms. They play a crucial role in managing single emergency generators and controlling backup power in case of grid failures.
  • Remote Pumping Stations: In remote oil and gas facilities, single genset controllers are employed to manage generator sets that power pumping stations for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas. These controllers provide automatic start/stop functionality and ensure seamless operation.

2.Β Marine Industry Applications:

  • Ship Auxiliary Power: Onboard ships, single genset controllers are used to manage auxiliary power generators, which supply electricity for lighting, HVAC systems, and other critical shipboard systems. These controllers ensure a stable power supply during the voyage.

3.Β Palm Oil Industry Applications:

  • Plantation Operations: In palm oil plantations, single genset controllers are utilized to control and monitor generator sets that provide power to processing mills, irrigation systems, and other operations. They help maintain a consistent power supply for efficient palm oil production.

4. General Industries Applications:

  • Manufacturing Facilities: Many manufacturing plants use single genset controllers to ensure uninterrupted power for production lines and machinery. These controllers are crucial for maintaining production schedules and preventing downtime due to power interruptions.
  • Commercial Buildings: In commercial and residential settings, single genset controllers are used to manage backup generators that provide power during grid outages. This is particularly important for critical facilities like hospitals, data centers, and hotels.

"Safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production, marine & offshore and wind turbines." - DEIF

In all of these use cases, DEIF single genset controllers are essential for automatic start/stop functionality, load management, and ensuring power stability. They help maintain reliable power supplies, protect equipment from voltage fluctuations, and offer remote monitoring and control capabilities, making them invaluable in a variety of industries.

Here we highlight the key features and variances between the DEIF controller models: SGC 120, SGC 120 Mk II, SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421, using the table provided.

Model SGC 120 SGC 120 Mk II SGC 420 SGC 420 Mk II SGC 421
Built in electronic governor FALSE FALSE N/A N/A TRUE
Engine and Generator protection TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Generator current measuring FALSE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Generator voltage measuring TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Mains voltage measuring FALSE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Site battery monitoring FALSE FALSE TRUE TRUE TRUE
Credit: DEIF

DEIF Single Genset Controllers Similarities:

1. Engine and Generator Protection: All models, including SGC 120, SGC 120 Mk II, SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421, offer robust engine and generator protection features. This ensures the safety and reliability of the generator and its components.

2. Front Mount: All models support front mounting. This allows for flexible installation, making it easier to integrate these controllers into various setups.

3. Generator Voltage Measuring: Each model provides the capability to measure generator voltage accurately. This feature is crucial for monitoring and maintaining the generator's electrical output.

4. RS485 Communication: All models feature RS485 communication, enabling data exchange and communication with other devices or systems. This facilitates data sharing and control across different components.

DEIF Single Genset Controllers Differences:

1. Built-in Electronic Governor: SGC 120 and SGC 120 Mk II do not include a built-in electronic governor. In contrast, SGC 421 comes with a built-in electronic governor. This feature allows precise control of the engine's speed and output.

2. Engine CANbus: SGC 120 lacks Engine CANbus support, while SGC 120 Mk II, SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421 offer this feature. Engine CANbus is a communication protocol that enables seamless data exchange between the engine and controller, enhancing monitoring and control.

3. Generator Current Measuring: SGC 120 does not support generator current measuring. In contrast, SGC 120 Mk II, SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421 have this capability. Measuring generator current is essential for monitoring electrical load and ensuring proper generator operation.

4. Mains Voltage Measuring: SGC 120 lacks mains voltage measuring capabilities. SGC 120 Mk II, SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421 include this functionality. Measuring mains voltage is crucial for synchronizing generator operation with the grid and ensuring a stable power supply.

5. PLC Logic: SGC 120 and SGC 420 do not support PLC logic. In contrast, SGC 120 Mk II and SGC 420 Mk II offer PLC logic capabilities. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) logic enables customized control and automation of various processes, enhancing versatility.

6. Site Battery Monitoring: Site battery monitoring is available for SGC 420, SGC 420 Mk II, and SGC 421. SGC 120 and SGC 120 Mk II do not include this feature. Site battery monitoring ensures the health and readiness of backup power sources, a critical aspect of reliable generator operation.

These distinctions and commonalities allow users to select the DEIF controller model that best aligns with their specific requirements and application scenarios, providing flexibility and choice for their generator control and monitoring needs.

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