Introduction and Basic Training of Mitsubishi Electric GENESIS64 SCADA Software

Introduction and Basic Training of Mitsubishi Electric GENESIS64 SCADA Software

Last week, Ultech Engineering's Automation and Control Engineer Mr. Kelvin Tiong Ka Yung conducted an in-house basic training of Mitsubishi Electric's GENESIS64 SCADA software for the engineering team. Some of the topics that were covered include; Workbench for setting and preparing tags, GraphWorx for preparing and designing images that will be displayed in the interface. On top of that some of the key features within GraphWorx were touched on, such as the Function Library (FDD), AssetWorx, GraphWorx, and SmartPin.

What is SCADA?

SCADA, also known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is a system of hardware and software to help businesses improve efficiency, communicate system issues, and process data. With SCADA, businesses can make informed decisions and reduce downtime. SCADA systems typically act as a centralized platform that collects, processes, and visualizes real-time data from various remote sites or field devices, including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), and more. These systems play a pivotal role in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing industrial processes across various sectors.

Overview of GENESIS64 SCADA Software

In 2019, Mitsubishi Electric partnered with ICONICS to offer software solutions in factory automation, industrial production, etc. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of GENESIS64 SCADA software powered by Mitsubishi Electric. GENESIS64 SCADA offers a range of products that integrate business data onto a high-performance platform. Some technologies included within GENESIS64 SCADA are GraphWorX, AlarmWorX, TrendWorX, EarthWorX, and AssetWorX. These components represent a subset of the technologies where engineers can manage security, projects, and alarm settings

Video: Real-Time Robot Monitoring with Mitsubishi Electric ICONICS GENESIS64

Benefits of Integrating a GENESIS64 SCADA

Let's break down the benefits of integrating a SCADA system into two distinct areas: Production Process and Engineering Maintenance.

1. Improving Production Processes

a. Real-time Data Analysis:

  • Description: SCADA allows for instantaneous analysis of real-time data collected from various sensors and devices.
  • Benefits: Enables quick decision-making, identifies trends, and ensures that processes operate within optimal parameters.

b. Defect and Quality Assurance:

  • Description: SCADA systems monitor quality parameters in real-time.
  • Benefits: Enables early detection of defects, reduces waste, and ensures consistent product quality.

c. Remote Monitoring:

  • Description: Operators can monitor and control industrial processes from a centralized location.
  • Benefits: Reduces the need for physical presence at multiple sites, leading to cost savings and improved operational flexibility.

d. E-reporting:

  • Description: SCADA facilitates electronic reporting of production metrics and performance.
  • Benefits: Enhances data accuracy, streamlines reporting processes, and supports regulatory compliance.

e. Self-learning Parameter Adjustment:

  • Description: SCADA systems can adapt and adjust parameters based on historical and real-time data.
  • Benefits: Improves efficiency by optimizing processes without manual intervention, leading to consistent performance.

f. Historical Data Monitoring:

  • Description: SCADA archives historical data for analysis and reference.
  • Benefits: Supports performance analysis, trend identification, and assists in troubleshooting past issues.

2. Helpful in Engineering Maintenance

a. Data Waveform Analysis:

  • Description: SCADA enables detailed analysis of waveforms and data patterns.
  • Benefits: Aids in identifying irregularities, diagnosing issues, and optimizing control strategies.

b. Ladder Offline Monitoring:

  • Description: SCADA can monitor ladder logic offline for PLC programs.
  • Benefits: Allows for non-intrusive analysis and modification of control logic, minimizing downtime.

c. Improve Operation Efficiency:

  • Description: SCADA contributes to the overall efficiency of industrial operations.
  • Benefits: Reduces manual intervention, minimizes errors, and ensures a smooth and optimized workflow.

d. Predictive Maintenance:

  • Description: SCADA systems can predict potential equipment failures based on historical and real-time data.
  • Benefits: Minimizes unplanned downtime, extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.

e. Troubleshooting History and Log:

  • Description: SCADA maintains logs of system events and issues.
  • Benefits: Facilitates efficient troubleshooting by providing a detailed history of system behavior and events.

In-House Training for Mitsubishi Electric GENESIS64 SCADA Software


Recently, the Ultech team has conducted basic training for their engineers. The purpose of the basic training is for the engineers to learn how to design and create an Operation Monitoring Screen through the Mitsubishi Electric GENESIS64 SCADA software. The following are some technologies elaborated on during the basic training:

Technologies Utilized: GENESIS64 SCADA with Workbench and GraphWorx

Workbench: An integral part of the training, Workbench provided hands-on experience in setting tags, ensuring a robust foundation for efficient data management within the SCADA system. It is the main interface where engineers can manage their GENESIS64-related projects.

GraphWorx: The design powerhouse of GENESIS64 SCADA, GraphWorx took center stage. Engineers were immersed in the intricacies of designing, importing graphics and 3D models, and creating interactive design animations. The versatility of GraphWorx allows seamless adaptation to multiple platforms and screen resolutions, ensuring a consistent user experience across diverse devices.

Exploring GENESIS64 SCADA Advanced Features:

Function Library (FDD): The Function Library, often referred to as FDD (Functional Design Document), is a library of predefined functions, ensuring efficient and standardized development. Engineers explored how leveraging the Function Library enhances consistency and accelerates the design process.

AssetWorx: AssetWorX is a module that simplifies asset management within the GENESIS64 SCADA system. AssetWorX is used to configure assets digitally when users determine the equipment and entities to be monitored in real life. Engineers have gained insights into leveraging AssetWorX to efficiently organize and monitor assets, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in industrial processes.

EarthWorx: An EarthWorX map can be added to any GraphWorX64 display as an additional layer through the GraphWorX Controls ribbon. This ribbon opens a map to which you can then add useful GraphWorX64 features. EarthWorX enables the visualization of widely dispersed assets through integration with Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, and other GIS systems. Engineers learn how to access and maximize EarthWorX features using control ribbons.

SmartPin in GraphWorx/EarthWorX: SmartPin facilitates the dynamic placement of objects within graphic displays. The SmartPin is a special type of pictographic data display that allows you to monitor and display the status of multiple data sources at the same time within a grouped set of indicators. For instance, when combined with EarthWorX technology, SmartPin enables users to have an overview of alarm statuses in worldwide locations. Engineers utilize SmartPin for information visualization to understand the performance of the asset.

All in all, this internal training has honed our team's expertise in the current capabilities of GENESIS64 SCADA. The newfound skills in designing using GENESIS64 SCADA systems position Ultech Engineering at the forefront of technological innovation in the industrial automation landscape. As industrial automation advances, automation solution like SCADA is bound to prevail, which is why businesses must grasp its benefit for greater scalability. Ultech Engineering will also be ready to leverage the potential of SCADA, ensuring that businesses are empowered with its transformative benefits.

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