Mastering Medium Voltage: Ultech Engineering Unlocks the Potential of DEIF Medium Voltage Relay (MVR) 200 Series

DEIF Medium Voltage Relay

DEIF Medium Voltage Relay (MVR) 200, a crucial component in electrical distribution systems, guarantees top-tier performance and safety for operation in the medium-voltage range. As the authorized system integrator, Ultech Engineering takes the lead in deploying this advanced technology, providing expert service and support. The MVR 200 stands out with robust features such as comprehensive monitoring, measuring, and seamless Ethernet communication. Its sub-cycle instantaneous trip times and modular flexibility underscore its cutting-edge design.

Functions of Medium Voltage Relays

Medium-voltage relays play a vital role in ensuring the safety, control, and protection of electrical equipment and systems. Below are some of the key functions of medium-voltage relays:

  1. Overcurrent Protection:
    • Medium-voltage relays monitor the current flowing through the electrical circuits. If the current exceeds a predetermined threshold, indicating a potential fault or overload, the relay responds by tripping the circuit to prevent damage to equipment and ensure the safety of the electrical system.
  2. Short Circuit Protection:
    • In the event of a short circuit, where a sudden and massive increase in current occurs, medium-voltage relays act swiftly to disconnect the affected circuit. This rapid response helps prevent damage to equipment and minimizes downtime.
  3. Voltage Monitoring:
    • Medium-voltage relays continuously monitor the voltage levels in the electrical system. If the voltage exceeds or falls below predefined limits, the relay can initiate actions such as disconnecting the circuit to safeguard connected equipment and maintain the stability of the electrical system.
  4. Phase Failure Protection:
    • These relays detect phase imbalances or failures in the electrical system. In the case of a missing phase or imbalance, the medium-voltage relay can trip the circuit to prevent potential damage to motors and other equipment that rely on balanced three-phase power.
  5. Load Shedding and Load Management:
    • Medium-voltage relays are often equipped with load shedding capabilities. In situations where the demand for power exceeds the system capacity, the relay can shed non-essential loads, ensuring critical equipment receives priority and preventing system overloads.
  6. Time-Delayed Functions:
    • Some medium-voltage relays include time-delayed functions, allowing for a controlled delay before initiating a trip or alarm. This feature is useful in situations where temporary overloads or voltage fluctuations are expected, preventing unnecessary tripping during brief, acceptable deviations.
  7. Communication and Monitoring:
    • Modern medium-voltage relays often come with communication interfaces that allow them to integrate with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. This enables remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics, enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of the electrical distribution system.
  8. Arc Flash Protection:
    • Medium-voltage relays may incorporate arc flash protection mechanisms. In the event of an arc flash, the relay can quickly disconnect the affected circuit to minimize damage and protect personnel from the hazards associated with arc flashes.

Diverse Applications of DEIF MVR Across Various Industries

Explore the diverse applications of DEIF Medium Voltage Relay (MVR) in the oil and gas, marine, palm oil, and general industries:


1. Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Substations: In oil and gas facilities, medium voltage relay is used in electrical substations to manage the distribution of power to various equipment and processes. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that power is safely and efficiently distributed to pumps, compressors, and other critical components.
  • Gas Compression Stations: For gas compression stations, medium voltage relay is essential to control the motors that drive compressors. These relays help manage voltage levels, offer protection against overcurrent, and facilitate the safe operation of the equipment.

2. Marine Industry:

  • Ships and Vessels: Medium voltage relay is employed in marine electrical systems to regulate power distribution on ships and vessels. They ensure that power from generators is distributed to propulsion systems, auxiliary equipment, lighting, and other onboard systems. Safety and reliability are paramount in marine applications, making medium voltage relay a critical component.

3. Palm Oil Industry:

  • Processing Mills: Palm oil processing mills often have medium voltage electrical systems to power their operations. Medium voltage relay help maintain stable power distribution to machinery, boilers, and conveyors. These relays contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the palm oil production process.

4. General Industries:

  • Industrial Facilities: Medium voltage relay is used in a wide range of industrial settings, including manufacturing plants and refineries. They regulate power distribution to motors, pumps, and other heavy machinery. These medium voltage relay offers protection against electrical faults and ensure smooth and reliable operation.
  • Commercial and Residential Areas: In areas served by medium voltage power lines, medium voltage relay plays a role in ensuring that the power supplied to residential and commercial buildings is well-regulated. They safeguard against voltage spikes and facilitate grid synchronization for a stable power supply.

The MVR-200 series offers several variants to cater to different application needs. Some of the variants include the MVR-F201, MVR-F210, MVR-F205, MVR-F215, MVR-F255, and MVR-M210, each designed for specific purposes and requirements.

Key Features and Characteristics of DEIF Medium Voltage Relay

The MVR-200 series is a versatile and advanced protection and monitoring solution designed for medium voltage applications. Here are some key features and characteristics of the MVR-200 series:

1. Versatile Protection Design

  • The MVR-200 series offers fast, versatile, and dependable protection functions.
  • It operates over a wide frequency band, ranging from 6Hz to 75Hz, making it suitable for a wide range of protection applications, including those involving rotating machines.

2. Modularity

  • The hardware construction is fully modular, providing a high level of flexibility.
  • Additional input/output (I/O) or communication cards can be easily added based on specific application requirements.

3. Usability

  • The MVR-200 series offers features that maximize usability, including sophisticated setting aids, customizable Human-Machine Interface (HMI), file storage for documents (such as PDFs), and extensive user log information.
  • It maintains a complete user history register, which records setting changes and other operational history.

4. Performance

  • The MVR-200 series provides sub-cycle instantaneous trip times for swift response to faults.
  • It includes powerful Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming for customization and supports up to 100 disturbance records and 10,000 events in non-volatile memory.

5. Communication

  • The series features native Ethernet communication for fast and seamless data exchange.
  • It supports various standard communication protocols, including IEC 61850 substation communication standard with GOOSE (Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event) messaging.

6. Savings in Engineering Time

  • The MVR Utility Software offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and allows for instant downloading of relay settings through a native Ethernet connection.

7. Standardized Hardware

  • The hardware design is highly standardized, simplifying logistics and stocking.
  • It includes five current transformer (CT) inputs with software-settable secondary currents and software-configurable digital input thresholds for voltage.

In summary, the MVR-200 series is a comprehensive solution for medium voltage protection and monitoring with a wide range of features, flexibility, and communication capabilities. It can be tailored to suit various applications, from basic protection to advanced control and measurement.

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