Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems: Enhancing Operator Safely and Precision in Manufacturing


Introduction of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
MALSERVO-J5 Via Mitsubishi Electric Website

In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing, the quest for increased efficiency, precision, and safety is paramount. One critical aspect of achieving these goals lies in advanced motion control solutions, and Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront with its innovative Servo Systems. This article explores how Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems contribute to safer and more precise motion control in manufacturing processes, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Understanding Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems represent a cutting-edge technology designed to provide unparalleled control and accuracy in motion-intensive applications. These systems incorporate high-performance servo motors, drives, and controllers, creating a seamless synergy that optimizes motion control across a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Safety Features of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

One of the key pillars of Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems is their comprehensive safety features. These systems are equipped with advanced technologies such as integrated safety functions, intelligent algorithms, and real-time monitoring capabilities. These features work in unison to identify potential risks and promptly respond to ensure a safe working environment for operators.

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
MELSERVO-JET Via Mitsubishi Electric Website

Precise Motion Control of Mitsubishi Electric's Servo System

Precision is crucial in manufacturing, especially in industries such as robotics, CNC machining, and automation. Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems excel in delivering precise motion control, allowing for accurate positioning and synchronization of machinery. This level of precision not only enhances the quality of the manufacturing process but also minimizes the likelihood of errors that could lead to accidents.

Reducing Downtime and Enhancing Efficiency of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

By minimizing the risk of accidents through advanced safety features and offering precise motion control, Mitsubishi Electric Servo System contribute significantly to reducing downtime in manufacturing processes. The systems' ability to operate at high speeds without compromising safety ensures a continuous and efficient workflow, ultimately leading to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
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Real-world Applications of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System refer to the systems' ability to process and respond to input or changes in the operating environment with minimal latency. These applications demand instantaneous and precise control over motion, making them crucial in various manufacturing and automation scenarios. Let's explore the real-time applications of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System in more detail:

  1. High-Speed Manufacturing Processes: Mitsubishi Electric Servo Systems are designed to handle high-speed manufacturing processes with exceptional precision. In applications like CNC machining, where rapid and accurate tool movements are critical, the real-time capabilities of the Servo Systems ensure that the machinery responds promptly to changes in the manufacturing environment. This minimizes delays and enhances overall production efficiency.
  2. Robotics and Automation: In robotic applications, real-time control is essential for achieving smooth and precise movements. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System play a vital role in robotic arms' motion control, enabling them to carry out tasks with the utmost accuracy. Real-time responsiveness is particularly crucial in scenarios where robots need to adapt to changing conditions or interact with the environment dynamically.
  3. Conveyor Systems and Material Handling: Conveyor systems are widely used in manufacturing for the transportation of materials between different stages of the production process. Real-time control is crucial to ensure that items are moved and positioned accurately. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System excel in providing the precise control needed for conveyor systems, contributing to efficient material handling in real-time.
  4. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly: In electronics manufacturing, especially during PCB assembly, the placement of components demands high precision. Real-time control is essential to adjust the position of the components accurately. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System contribute to the real-time adjustments required for pick-and-place machines, ensuring the correct placement of components on PCBs.
  5. Packaging and Labelling Machines: Real-time control is critical in packaging and labelling machines, where products need to be packaged or labelled with precision. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System enable these machines to adjust quickly to varying product sizes, ensuring accurate packaging and labelling in real-time.
  6. Safety Monitoring and Emergency Response: Beyond motion control, real-time capabilities are also crucial for safety monitoring. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System incorporate real-time safety functions that continuously monitor the system's status. In the event of an emergency or anomaly, these systems can respond instantly by implementing safety measures, such as stopping the motion or shutting down specific components to prevent accidents.

Advanced Safety Functions of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System go beyond conventional safety standards by integrating advanced safety functions. These functions include features such as Safe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1), and Safe Brake Control (SBC), which enhance the safety of the system during unexpected events or emergency situations. The real-time monitoring capabilities of these safety functions ensure a quick response to any anomaly, minimizing the potential for accidents and ensuring the well-being of operators.

Human-Machine Collaboration of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

In the era of Industry 4.0, where human-machine collaboration is increasingly prevalent, Mitsubishi Electric Servo System shine. These systems are designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between human operators and automated machinery. With features like Safe Limited Speed (SLS), which allows reduced machine speed in the presence of human operators, the Servo Systems create a harmonious working environment where humans and machines can work together efficiently and safely.

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
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Adaptive Control Algorithms of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Precision in motion control often requires adapting to varying conditions and external factors. Mitsubishi Electric Servo System incorporate adaptive control algorithms that continuously monitor and adjust parameters in real-time. This adaptability ensures consistent and precise performance, even in dynamic manufacturing environments where factors like temperature, load, and speed may fluctuate. This adaptability not only enhances precision but also contributes to the overall safety of the system by pre-emptively addressing potential challenges.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Beyond safety and precision, Mitsubishi Electric places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. The Servo Systems are designed to optimize energy consumption while maintaining high performance. This not only reduces operational costs for manufacturers but also aligns with global efforts to create more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. As industries increasingly prioritize sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to energy-efficient solutions positions their Servo Systems as a forward-thinking choice for manufacturers aiming to reduce their environmental footprint.

Intuitive Programming and Diagnostics of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

To empower operators and maintenance personnel, Mitsubishi Electric Servo System feature intuitive programming interfaces and diagnostic tools. The user-friendly interfaces allow for easy setup and programming, reducing the likelihood of human error during initial configuration. Moreover, the advanced diagnostic tools provide real-time feedback on system health and performance, enabling quick identification and resolution of potential issues. This proactive approach to system monitoring adds an extra layer of safety and contributes to the overall reliability of the manufacturing process.

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
MELSERVO-JN Via Mitsubishi Electric Website

Case Studies and Success Stories of Mitsubishi Electric Servo System

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
Credit; Hamrick Packaging System Via Website

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Jeff Eckstein, Controls Engineering Manager at Hamrick Manufacturing, faced the challenge of designing a new automated packaging system that demanded power, precision, and a delicate touch within a confined space. This article explores how Eckstein found an optimal solution by leveraging Mitsubishi Electric Automation's advanced technology.

Compact Servo Motors: The Foundation of Success

Eckstein's quest for powerful yet compact servo motors led him to Mitsubishi Electric Automation. His initial wish list included the smallest, most powerful, and fastest motors available. A call to Mitsubishi Electric's distributor, Shaltz Automation, quickly revealed a solution exceeding expectations. The HG-KR23K servo motors provided an impressive 3000 rpm and 2.0 newton-meters of torque, double what Eckstein had anticipated.

Perfect Fit for Precision Robotics

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
Credit: Hamrick Packaging System Via Website

The compact size of Mitsubishi Electric servo motors was crucial for integration into a 17-axis mechanical assembly with limited space. This marked the beginning of a collaboration that would extend to other Mitsubishi Electric components, including FR-E800 VFDs and an EtherNet/IP amplifier.

Automating Delicate Processes

Hamrick Manufacturing's customer required the delicate handling of containers with intricate and delicate labels, particularly during changeovers between different products. Manual adjustments, taking up to 30 minutes, were replaced by automated precision, significantly reducing downtime and operator errors.

EtherNet/IP Integration Simplifies Control

The integration of Mitsubishi Electric servo motors with a different company's Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) was seamlessly achieved through EtherNet/IP amplifiers. This integration allowed for precise control, ensuring a soft touch during the pick-and-pack process. The PLC, being non-motion rated, became more cost-effective, thanks to the intelligence built into Mitsubishi Electric's servo motors.

Advanced Communication Standards

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
Credit: Hamrick Packaging System Via Website

EtherNet/IP, designed for real-time control applications, facilitated efficient communication between components. The servo motors' built-in intelligence reduced the data transmitted over the network, allowing for smoother operations and less complexity in the PLC.

From 30 Minutes to 40 Seconds: Drastic Changeovers

The incorporation of Mitsubishi Electric technology led to a remarkable improvement in performance and efficiency. Changeover times, once taking 30 minutes, were reduced to a mere 40 seconds. Eckstein estimates increased performance, smoother operations, and heightened reliability, leading to enhanced throughput for the end customer.

Exceptional Service: Going the Extra Mile

Beyond the advanced technology, what stood out for Hamrick Manufacturing was the exceptional service from Shaltz Automation and Mitsubishi Electric Automation. Despite tight timelines and unforeseen challenges, Mitsubishi Electric motion specialist, Rob Rushka, provided invaluable on-site support, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Mitsubishi Electric Servo System
Credit: HG-KR23K servo Via Mitsubishi Electric Website


In conclusion, Mitsubishi Electric Servo System epitomizes cutting-edge motion control technology, addressing the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing. With a focus on safety, precision, and efficiency, these systems find diverse applications, from high-speed manufacturing to robotics and safety monitoring. A compelling case study at Hamrick Manufacturing underscores the real-world impact, showcasing significant performance improvements and efficiency gains. Mitsubishi Electric not only delivers advanced technology but also exemplifies exceptional service, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field. Overall, Mitsubishi Electric Servo System offers a comprehensive solution, elevating manufacturing processes by seamlessly integrating innovation, safety, and efficiency.

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