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ULTECH ENGINEERING Sdn Bhd offers core competence across the project life cycle from conceptualizing to commissioning, which provides an accurate and cost-effective engineering solution with Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering, Field Engineering as well as Site Support.

We offer a wide range of engineering services from turnkey system integration of Process Automation Control, Process Control Panel, SCADA System to ranging safety assessment, system designs and engineering. Our team also helps during project bidding phase with pre-project planning activities, including feasibility studies, evaluation studies, plant system design, energy & utility usage.

A 24/7 support & maintenance service was implemented according to customer’s requirements in order to minimize downtime and cost for customers. We work with our customers to automate their facilities efficiency and increase productivity. Our experienced engineers focus in these industries segments of Industrial Gasses, Water & Wastewater, Edible Oil, Oleochemical & Biodiesel, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas with clearly defined activities for Project Implementation, Measurement and Execution.

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