Siemens PLC Workshop at Curtin University, Malaysia

Ultech Engineering and Curtin Electrical Engineering students group photo after Siemens PLC workshop

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) workshops are an excellent opportunity for electrical engineers to expand their knowledge and skills in automation. Thus, last week, the lecturer at Curtin University, Malaysia, Dr. Wong Kiing-Ing, invited Ultech Engineering to conduct a PLC workshop for their Electrical Engineering students. These workshops provide hands-on experience and practical training on programming and troubleshooting PLCs, essential components of modern industrial systems. That day's topics include Siemens PLC blocks, PID Controllers, and Modbus communication protocols.


The workshop outline was designed for beginners and experienced engineers so that new audiences with a basic grasp of computers, physics, and mathematical concepts can grasp its content. Its application uses were also shared during the workshop with study cases and experience-sharing in real-life projects by our Project Automation Engineer, Wang Zhi Xian. It was also an opportunity for Curtin students to listen to our Automation and Control Engineers, Wong Voon Xing and Kelvin Tiong Ka Yung – recent graduates of Curtin University, share industry-standard PLC hardware and software and learn from engineers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. It was a PLC workshop worth checking out for both lecturers and students alike – sharpening the minds of the new generation and lending a guiding hand to enhance professional development. Watch the following videos for snippets of what was shared in last Friday's workshop.

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