Siemens WinCC Unified and WinCC V8: Ultech Engineering's 2-Day Workshop Experience

Siemens WinCC Unified and WinCC V8: Ultech Engineering's 2-Day Workshop Experience

At Ultech Engineering, we are committed to staying at the forefront of automation technology to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Earlier this month, six of our engineers embarked on an exciting two-day workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted by Siemens Malaysia. This immersive workshop provided us with hands-on experience and in-depth insights into Siemens' cutting-edge software solutions, WinCC Unified and WinCC V8.


Day One: Exploring Siemens' Vision with WinCC Unified


The first day of our workshop kicked off with a fascinating Factory Automation (FA) tour. This tour provided us with a comprehensive introduction to various topics under Siemens Digital Industries, laying the foundation for what was to come.

The topics covered during the FA tour were:

1. WinCC Unified V18 - Innovations: Siemens WinCC Unified is a revolutionary Human Machine Interface (HMI) software. We delved into the latest innovations in version 18, gaining insights into how this software can empower us to create cutting-edge HMI and SCADA systems for our clients.

2. New Simatic Hardware +R1: Understanding the hardware that complements software is essential. We explored the latest Simatic hardware, which enhances the performance and reliability of our systems.

3. High Availability Solution: Uninterrupted operations are crucial in industrial environments. Siemens introduced us to high-availability solutions that ensure our systems remain operational even in challenging conditions.

4. UMAC & UMC: These topics enlightened us about the Unified Motion and Control systems, helping us integrate motion control seamlessly into our projects.

5. Energy Suite: Efficient energy management is paramount. We learned about Siemens' Energy Suite and its role in optimizing energy consumption in industrial processes.

6. TIA Portal Cloud & Cloud Connector: The cloud is transforming the way we manage and monitor systems. Siemens introduced us to cloud-based solutions and how they can improve accessibility and data management.

7. SIMATIC AX (Automatic Expansion): We explored the Automatic Xpansion feature of Siemens' SIMATIC technology, which simplifies the scaling of our systems.

8. PLCSIM/PLCSIM Advanced: PLC simulation is a powerful tool. Siemens introduced us to PLCSIM and PLCSIM Advanced, which enable us to validate and test control logic without physical hardware.

The rest of Day One was dedicated to hands-on sessions with WinCC Unified, where we put our newly acquired knowledge into practice, developing a deeper understanding of this powerful HMI software.

Day Two: Mastering Siemens WinCC V8


The second day was all about Siemens WinCC V8, a significant upgrade from the previous versions. WinCC V8 is renowned for its enhanced performance, flexibility, and security. We had the privilege of getting a firsthand look at the key upgrades and new features it brings to the table.

WinCC V8 empowers us to create dynamic, state-of-the-art HMI and SCADA systems that are highly responsive and secure. With a focus on enhanced visualization, data handling, and diagnostics, it enables us to deliver even more efficient and reliable solutions to our clients.

Empowered for the Future with Siemens WinCC

Our experience at the Siemens WinCC Unified and WinCC V8 workshop in Kuala Lumpur was transformative. We left with a deeper understanding of the latest HMI and SCADA technologies, along with practical insights on how to leverage them to enhance our automation solutions.

Ultech Engineering is now better equipped than ever to embrace the future of automation, harnessing the full potential of Siemens' WinCC Unified and WinCC V8 to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

As we continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the world of automation. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Ultech Engineering.

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