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In the face of Malaysia's formidable egg shortage crisis, Ultech Engineering emerges as a pivotal catalyst for change, collaborating with global powerhouse DEIF to introduce an expansive hybrid energy solution. This transformative initiative not only aims to ameliorate immediate challenges, such as dwindling output and burgeoning production costs but also seeks to redefine the trajectory of Malaysia's egg production sector, fostering resilience and sustainability.

Credit: AZMAN GHANI Via The Star News Website

Introduction: Understanding the Egg Shortage Dilemma

The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia (FLFAM) has issued a stern warning about the inadequacy of the egg supply, attributing this crisis to the soaring costs of production. In response to economic pressures, farms across the country have curtailed production by significant margins, exacerbating the issue. With the average cost of producing a single egg hovering around 45sen, the potential removal of subsidies could push the average price to 50sen. The confluence of factors, including exchange rates, escalating feed prices, and issues related to day-old chicks (DOC), paints a complex and challenging picture (The Star 2023).

A Visionary Partnership: Ultech Engineering and DEIF Collaboration


In the pursuit of tackling multifaceted challenges head-on, Ultech Engineering has strategically partnered with DEIF, a globally renowned leader in advanced control systems. The partnership between Ultech Engineering and DEIF birthed ideas taken from a global context to be applied in a local environment. This innovative approach integrates diverse energy sources – traditional grid power, solar energy, and generators – to ensure an uninterrupted and sustainable power supply. At the core of this transformative system lies the advanced AGC 150 Hybrid control system by DEIF, a sophisticated entity adept at seamlessly managing multiple energy inputs for optimal performance.

Unpacking the Hybrid Solution: Components in Detail

Solar Power Integration:

Solar Power Integration

Harnessing Malaysia's abundant sunlight, the hybrid system incorporates cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. These panels, strategically deployed, generate clean and sustainable energy, reducing dependence on conventional power sources. Beyond the immediate benefits for egg production, this aspect aligns with Malaysia's commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable energy practices.

Diesel Generators:

Diesel Generators

Recognizing the sporadic nature of power outages in rural areas, the hybrid system integrates diesel generators as a reliable backup. These generators act as a fail-safe mechanism, seamlessly taking over in the event of grid failures. This ensures the uninterrupted operation of critical egg production processes, safeguarding against potential losses due to power disruptions.

DEIF  AGC 150 Hybrid Control System:

DEIF  AGC 150 Hybrid Control System
Credit: AGC 150 Hybrid Controller Via DEIF Website

At the heart of this technological marvel lies DEIF AGC 150 Hybrid Control System. This state-of-the-art system serves as the central intelligence, orchestrating the seamless coordination of various energy inputs. With the capability to optimize performance and minimize downtime through efficient transitions between power sources, the AGC 150 plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the egg production facility.

Ultech Engineering's Dual Role: Distributor and Expertise

Ultech Engineering's Dual Role: Distributor and Expertise

Ultech Engineering's distinctive dual role as both a distributor and an expert in DEIF's products positions them as a key player if we want a successful implementation of this transformative initiative in Malaysia. Our expertise becomes paramount in seamlessly integrating and customizing DEIF's advanced control systems to address the nuanced needs and challenges faced by Malaysian egg farms.

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Impact

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainable Impact

Addressing the pressing egg shortage crisis necessitates collaboration not only within the private sector but also with the Malaysian government. Initiatives that incentivize farms to adopt sustainable energy solutions, provide subsidies for advanced technologies, and support the transition to modernized, efficient production methods can play a pivotal role in revitalizing the egg industry on a national scale.

State Government Collaboration: A Prerequisite for Success


The success of this transformative initiative hinges significantly on collaborative efforts with the Sarawak state government. By aligning state policies with the goals of sustainability and economic revitalization, the state government can contribute substantially to the success of this innovative project. This collaboration could involve the provision of incentives, subsidies, and policy frameworks that encourage the widespread adoption of modernized, energy-efficient practices in the egg production sector.

Past Project: A Successful Hybrid Energy Solution in São Paulo with DEIF

Past Project: A Successful Hybrid Energy Solution in São Paulo with DEIF
Credit: AGC 150 Hybrid keeps egg production running in tropical Brazil climate Via DEIF Website

The collaborative effort between Luz Sol Energia Solar and DEIF in implementing a hybrid energy solution for a São Paulo egg farm has proven highly successful. Overcoming challenges posed by unreliable power grids, the AGC 150 Hybrid control system seamlessly manages multiple energy sources, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for over a million eggs daily. The system, which integrates solar power, diesel generators, and grid energy, has not only demonstrated a monthly average of 27,000 kWh of solar power but also yielded substantial fuel savings, reaching BRL 27,000.00 monthly across nine production cells. DEIF's cutting-edge technology, combined with Luz Sol Energia Solar's expertise, underscores the transformative potential of advanced hybrid solutions in enhancing agricultural efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Conclusion: Illuminating a Path to Sustainable Egg Production

Ultech Engineering's strategic partnership with DEIF stands as a beacon of hope for the Malaysian egg industry. Beyond addressing immediate challenges, this collaborative effort sets the stage for a paradigm shift in the way Malaysia approaches egg production. By embracing cutting-edge energy solutions and leveraging expert engineering, Malaysian egg farms can not only overcome current challenges but also establish a foundation for sustainable, resilient, and technologically advanced production.

As we look to the future, the fusion of cutting-edge technology, expert engineering, and collaborative government efforts is poised to reshape the landscape of Malaysian egg production, fostering sustainability and resilience. In doing so, we envision a future where Malaysia not only meets its egg demand efficiently but also sets an example for sustainable practices in the global poultry industry.

Unlock the Future of Sustainable Egg Farming! Dive into the success story of this DEIF groundbreaking hybrid energy solution. Explore how advanced technologies are reshaping agricultural landscapes, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Join us in embracing a greener and more resilient future for egg production. Be part of the sustainable evolution!

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