Ultech Engineering Announces Partnership with Capeserve Energy for IECEx CoPC Preparatory Courses in Sabah and Sarawak

Ultech Engineering Announces Partnership with Capeserve Energy for IECEx CoPC Preparatory Courses in Sabah and Sarawak

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Ultech Engineering and Capeserve Energy, bringing IECEx CoPC Personnel Certification Preparatory Courses to professionals in Sabah and Sarawak. This collaboration aims to provide internationally recognized Competent Person Certification (CoPC) from Norway's esteemed certification body, Exert Certification, in enhancing safety standards in hazardous work environments.

IECEx Personnel Certification: Elevating Competence and Safety

In hazardous areas, competence is paramount, as even minor errors can lead to catastrophic accidents. The IECEx CoPC is a globally acknowledged scheme certifying personnel engaged in designing, installing, operating, and inspecting electrical installations associated with hazardous areas. A small error in such environments can have severe consequences, making documented competence a crucial requirement. Ultech Engineering, in collaboration with Capeserve Energy, is dedicated to preparing professionals in Sabah and Sarawak for the rigorous certification exam.


IECEx CoPC Certification Exam: Setting the Standard

Attaining IECEx CoPC certification requires a comprehensive understanding of Ex Basic principles, a thorough knowledge of relevant standards, and in-depth familiarity with the exam units. Capeserve Energy, in collaboration with EXERT CERTIFICATION (ExCB), is conducting IECEx CoPC courses and assessments in various countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ultech Engineering's Role in East Malaysia


Ultech Engineering is proud to play a pivotal role in promoting IECEx CoPC certification in East Malaysia. Our partnership with Capeserve Energy enables us to facilitate preparatory courses and assessments tailored to the unique needs of professionals in Sabah and Sarawak.

Why Choose IECEx CoPC Certification?

  • Global Recognition: IECEx CoPC is internationally recognized, providing professionals with a certification that holds weight across borders.
  • Enhanced Safety: The stringent requirements of IECEx CoPC ensure that certified individuals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely in hazardous areas.
  • Comprehensive Training: The preparatory courses cover Ex Basic principles, relevant standards, and specific exam units, equipping candidates with a robust understanding of the certification requirements.

IECEx CoPC Units of Competence: A Comprehensive Approach

Our certification examinations cover various IECEx CoPC units of competence, ensuring a holistic understanding of working in hazardous areas. Here are some key units:

EX 000 - Basic Knowledge for Hazardous Areas Entry

This unit covers safety obligations and minimum basic knowledge for individuals entering sites with classified hazardous areas. It focuses on understanding the nature of hazardous areas, limitations on devices within these areas, and occupational health and safety responsibilities.

EX 001 - Principles of Protection in Explosive Atmospheres

Based on the IEC 60079 series, this unit delves into the basic principles of protection in explosive atmospheres. A prerequisite for higher units, it requires good basic knowledge and training in working in hazardous areas.

EX 002 - Classification of Hazardous Areas

This unit entails knowledge and skills for classifying areas where explosive materials may exist. Competence requires a technical degree or equivalent, as specified in IECEx OD 504.

EX 003 & 006 - Installation and Testing of Explosive Atmosphere Equipment

These units are assessed together for installation personnel, focusing on IEC 60079-14. The assessment includes both theoretical and practical components.

EX 004, 007 & 008 - Maintenance and Inspection of Explosive Atmosphere Installations

Assessed together for inspection personnel, with a focus on IEC 60079-17, these units include theoretical and practical assessments.

EX 009 - Design of Electrical Installations in Explosive Atmospheres

This unit involves a review of candidates' work and training records, requiring at least 3 years of relevant work experience.

Your Ex-Proof Certification Journey Begins Here

For professionals seeking IECEx CoPC certification in Sabah and Sarawak, this partnership offers a unique opportunity to enhance skills, contribute to safer workplaces, and gain globally recognized competence. Embark on your journey toward becoming a certified competent person in hazardous areas with Ultech Engineering and Capeserve Energy. Your commitment to safety starts with the right certification.

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