Ultech Engineering Project History with DEIF AGC150 in Action

Ultech Engineering Project History with DEIF AGC150 in Action

Walk with us through the chronicles of power management excellence as we delve into the Ultech Engineering project history featuring the dynamic DEIF AGC150. This article unveils a series of impactful projects where the AGC150, an automatic genset controller, has played a pivotal role in shaping reliable and efficient power generation systems. For this particular project sharing, we interviewed one of our Senior Automation and Control Engineers, Mr. Anderson Chieng Kah Thai, who worked closely on all the mentioned projects to fruition over the years. Join us as we share our real-world applications, project success stories, and the technological prowess that defines the collaboration between Ultech Engineering and DEIF. Propelled by Ultech, witness the AGC150 in action, driving innovation, and ensuring seamless power solutions across diverse industries in Sarawak and more. Our DEIF AGC150 journey starts with the project in MLNG in 2019:

1. 2019: MLNG Satu Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) RCP & LCP


In 2019, Ultech Engineering embarked on a groundbreaking retrofitting project for Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd (MLNG), a subsidiary of Petronas, targeting the Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) panels 4070 and 4030. MLNG, adhering to a 10-year retrofit cycle setup by Petronas, faced the challenge of traditional hardwired control methods involving numerous relays for managing energy settings and protective parameters. Retrofitting this, Ultech proposed a transformative solution via a job tender submitted to the main contractor, Sime Darby's Tractors Petroleum Services Sdn. Bhd in which the proposal advocated for replacing the conventional control panel with the state-of-the-art DEIF AGC150, an automatic genset controller known for consolidating various preset sequences into a single, powerful unit. Ultech convinced MLNG of the advantages whilst demonstrating competence through past projects and including the ease of stocking replacement parts and quick plug-and-play solutions at the Kidurong site, Bintulu.


Following MLNG's visit to Ultech's offices, Ultech returned the visit to MLNG for a meticulous workscoping and site visit at the MLNG 4070 substation to verify panel dimensions and specifications and study of exisiting drawings to understand their control philosophy. The subsequent Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) saw only minor adjustments, leading to a seamless transition to Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). While MLNG opted to retain traditional relays as a backup solution, the success of the 4070 retrofit instilled confidence in the DEIF AGC150's reliability. In the following years, Ultech replicated the triumph by retrofitting the 4030, with this time eliminating the need for traditional relays altogether. Besides 4030 Local Control Panel (LCP) which was developed similarly like 4070, this retrofitting project also included a Remote Control Panel (RCP) which uses DEIF HMI to control start/stop and other settings remotely from the EDG from another switchboard panel. The collaboration solidified MLNG's trust in Ultech's solutions, emphasizing the DEIF AGC150's dependability, backed by swift service support and readily available replacement units just hours away from Ultech's Miri offices.

2. 2020: Sime Darby Sibu Baleh Water Dam Power Management System with DEIF AGC150


In 2020, Ultech Engineering once again showcased its expertise in power management, collaborating with the DEIF AGC150 in a pioneering project with Sime Darby in Sibu. This time, the focus shifted from emergency generator sets to a comprehensive power management system. Situated in the newly commissioned Baleh Dam, designated as the next hydropower generating source by Sarawak Energy, the rural location posed challenges due to the absence of a reliable electricity supply. To address this, Ultech worked on a configuration of three generator sets, each operating in 12-hour shifts, with a rotational power generation scheme. The DEIF AGC150 played a pivotal role in orchestrating this synchronized dance of power, ensuring seamless transitions between the generator sets. Notably, the system boasted a remarkable power management feature: if one engine neared overload, a spare engine would autonomously start up to share the electricity load. This dynamic setup not only maximized efficiency but also served as a fail-safe mechanism, minimizing the risk of downtime for the hydropower plant. Ultech's adept integration of the DEIF AGC150 in this project exemplified its commitment to innovative solutions, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in critical infrastructure, especially in remote and challenging environments.

Example of the Power System used for Sime Darby Sibu. Image credit: Cummins

3. 2021: CIC Brunei Power Management System with DEIF AGC150


Building on the success of the Baleh Dam power management system, Ultech Engineering continued its streak of providing solutions in 2021. This time, the expertise in paralleling power systems using the DEIF AGC150 was replicated for CIC Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd. in Brunei. This project involved the establishment of a backup power system featuring two generator-set switchboards. Drawing from the proven effectiveness of the previous setup, this configuration aimed to provide reliable and redundant power in case of any unforeseen outages. The DEIF AGC150, known for its advanced control capabilities, played a central role in orchestrating the seamless synchronization between the two generator sets. This replication not only underscored Ultech's proficiency in tailoring solutions for diverse applications but also showcased the adaptability of the DEIF AGC150 in ensuring uninterrupted power supply across different environments and industries. The project with CIC Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd. further solidified Ultech's reputation as a provider of robust and reliable power management solutions in Borneo.

CIC Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd. Generator Set Swtichboard during Factory Acceptance Testing

4. 2023: Bayan Platform's Strategic EDG Retrofit with DEIF AGC150


In the ongoing narrative of advancements in power management solutions, 2023 brings forth a significant chapter with the Bayan Platform Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) Retrofit project. This endeavor, currently in progress, holds particular importance as it responds to an unfortunate incident where the EDG engine on the Bayan Platform suffered a catastrophic failure due to the bypassing of its engine protection systems. Compounding the situation, the EDG was equipped with an older DEIF controller.

In response to the imperative need for an upgrade, Ultech Engineering has undertaken the migration of this controller to the cutting-edge DEIF AGC150. A remarkable coincidence, this year also marks the marine certification of the DEIF AGC150, rendering it especially fitting for applications in oil and gas and offshore marine settings.

The DEIF AGC150 and I/O modules in action

As part of this retrofitting initiative, Ultech has also integrated DEIF I/O modules, including CIO116, CIO208, and CIO308, to augment the input and output capabilities of the generator set. These I/O modules, adept at receiving both digital and analog input signals and delivering digital output signals, enhance the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the EDG. The Bayan Platform EDG Retrofit project not only signifies a pivotal step in bolstering the reliability and safety of critical power systems but also exemplifies Ultech's commitment to employing cutting-edge technologies, ensuring optimal performance in high-stakes environments.

Bayan Platform. Image credit: Petronas

Ultech Overcoming Challenges, Receiving Support, and Learning Lessons

While these projects showcased success, they were not without challenges. Site visits unveiled unforeseen factors, such as hidden cables and variations in cable entry points, necessitating on-the-spot adaptability and client approvals for minor modifications. The full and unwavering technical support from DEIF played a pivotal role, providing robust assistance for troubleshooting and addressing client concerns.

The experiences garnered from MLNG, Sime Darby Sibu, CIC Brunei, and Bayan Platform imparted invaluable lessons. A solid understanding of DEIF AGC 150 features and software emerged as a critical success factor, contributing to the seamless integration and operation of DEIF AGC150 as a reliable and straightforward controller with various in-built sequences. As industries evolve, these lessons serve as a solid foundation for future applications, affirming DEIF AGC 150's position as a reliable and adaptable power management solution.

In conclusion, Ultech Engineering's journey with DEIF AGC 150 unfolds as a narrative of innovation, resilience, and client satisfaction. The DEIF AGC 150, with its diverse applications and robust features, is reshaping power management across various industries, demonstrating its effectiveness in addressing the evolving needs of clients.

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