Unlocking Expertise: Ultech Engineering's Free DEIF Genset Controller Training in 2024

Ultech Engineering's Free DEIF Genset Controller Training in 2024

Are you fascinated by the intricate world of Genset Controllers and their pivotal role in generator set applications? Ultech Engineering is excited to announce a golden opportunity in collaboration with DEIF for enthusiasts and professionals alike. In 2024, we're launching a DEIF Genset series of quarterly training sessions across Sarawak and Sabah. The best part? They're absolutely free!

What's on the Horizon


With the growing interest in DEIF Genset Controllers and their applications, we're committed to sharing our expertise. Our 2024 training series will focus on an impressive lineup of DEIF products:

  1. SGC 120/SGC 120 Mk II: The SGC 120 series is designed to provide precise and reliable control of your generator sets. These controllers are ideal for single-genset applications, ensuring seamless operation and safety.
  2. SGC 420/SGC 420 Mk II: The SGC 420 series takes things a step further by offering enhanced control for single generator sets. These controllers are designed for optimal performance and advanced features to meet your power generation needs.
  3. SGC 421: The SGC 421 is built to excel in single genset applications, providing you with efficient control and monitoring capabilities to ensure a reliable power supply.
  4. AGC 4 Mk II: This advanced genset controller is the solution for applications where multiple generators are required to work together harmoniously. It offers synchronization and load sharing, making it perfect for critical power generation scenarios.
  5. AGC 150: The AGC 150 is an advanced advanced genset controller, designed to manage complex power generation systems. It offers comprehensive control, monitoring, and protection features for critical applications.
  6. MVR 200: The Medium-Voltage Relay MVR 200 is a vital component in medium-voltage systems. It ensures safe and reliable power distribution, making it a key player in electrical infrastructure.

Understanding DEIF Products in Context

Let's dive into how these DEIF products relate to the world of generator set applications:

Single Genset Controllers (SGC 120/420/421)

These controllers are the brains behind your generator sets, ensuring they start, run, and stop reliably. They offer critical features like automatic start/stop, monitoring, and protection to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in single genset setups.

Read a deep dive of the DEIF SGC in this article here.

Advanced Genset Controllers (AGC 4 Mk II and AGC 150)

In applications where multiple generator sets need to work in harmony, automatic genset controllers come into play. They handle synchronization, load sharing, and complex control tasks to maintain a steady power output, crucial for critical facilities and industries.

Read the elaboration of the DEIF AGC in another article here.

Medium-Voltage Relay (MVR 200)

Medium-voltage systems are the backbone of electrical infrastructure. The MVR 200 ensures that power distribution is safe and efficient. It's a vital component in grid operations and industrial settings where medium-voltage systems are employed.

Applications for the DEIF MVR is further discussed in this article here.

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Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Genset Controllers and DEIF products. The training dates will be announced soon, so be sure to register your interest by filling out the form here. By doing so, you'll stay updated on the latest developments and secure your spot in these valuable training sessions.

At Ultech Engineering, we're committed to nurturing a community of experts and enthusiasts who share our passion for power generation and control systems. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's unlock the potential of Genset Controllers together. Get ready to power up your expertise in 2024! πŸ”ŒπŸ“ŠπŸ”‹ #GensetControllers #DEIFTraining #PowerGeneration #UltechEngineering

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