Ultech Engineering's Insightful Experience at Mitsubishi Electric's KL Seminar 2024

Ultech Engineering's Insightful Experience at Mitsubishi Electric's KL Seminar 2024

Ultech Engineering, the authorized brand partner for Mitsubishi Electric FA products in East Malaysia, was honored to be part of the Mitsubishi Electric's KL seminar held at DoubleTree Hilton, i-City Shah Alam on November 9, 2023. The event aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in factory automation, IoT solutions, and cutting-edge technologies within Mitsubishi Electric's portfolio. Here's a glimpse into the enriching agenda and exciting insights gained during the seminar.

Mitsubishi Electric's KL Seminar 2024 Agenda Highlights

  • Registration & Breakfast (7:30-9:00): The day started with a warm welcome and networking opportunity over breakfast, setting the tone for a day of collaboration and learning.
  • Greeting & Opening Speech: Mr Hiroyuki Onoda, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia and Mr Kazuyoshi Hara, Senior Manager of the Asian Business Development Department, extended greetings and delivered the opening speech, emphasizing the significance of the seminar in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Introduction of FA Seminar and MESM (9:10-9:25): Mr Canzi Ng, Senior Business Development Manager, provided insights into the purpose of the seminar and Mitsubishi Electric's business and organizational structure.
  • Products and Technical Presentations (9:25-10:25): The morning sessions covered crucial topics, including IoT solutions, robotic applications, and migration solutions for APLC and MJ3S. These presentations were led by seasoned experts, Ts. Lee Chee Qiang, Mr Hafizuddin, and Mr Steve Ng, respectively.
  • Tea Break (10:25-11:00): A refreshing break allowed attendees to network, discuss insights, and recharge for the subsequent sessions.
  • In-Depth Presentations (11:00-12:20): The later sessions delved into advanced topics such as carbon-neutral solutions, the revolutionary Gemini system, CNC service support, and applications of centralized air-conditioning in industrial/commercial buildings. Experts like Mr Tomohiko Akiyama, Mr Yasuo Watanabe, Mr Yeong Wai Meng, and Miss Hew Jia Sin shared valuable insights.
  • Lucky Draw and Closing (12:55-13:00): Ultech Engineering sponsored a FILA Smartwatch for the lucky draw, adding excitement to the event. The top prize, an iPhone 15, added an extra layer of anticipation. Mr. Narazaki Kentaro, General Manager of Factory Automation & Industrial Division, delivered the closing speech, expressing gratitude and summarizing the day's highlights.
  • Networking Lunch (13:00-14:30): The seminar concluded with a networking lunch, providing an informal setting for further discussions and interactions among participants.

Demo Kits Showcase

Throughout the seminar, attendees had the opportunity to explore and interact with various demo kits placed outside of the seminar halls, including:

  1. Servo J5 on X-Y-X Table - Explore the dynamic capabilities of the Servo J5 on an X-Y-X Table. This demo kit highlighted the precision and versatility of Mitsubishi Electric's servo systems. Attendees witnessed how the Servo J5 brings unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness to motion control applications, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of industrial settings.
  2. Genesis 64 - Delve into the future of SCADA systems with the Genesis 64 demo kit. This showcased Mitsubishi Electric's powerful SCADA software, providing attendees with a hands-on experience of its basic specifications, features, and applications. Genesis 64 empowers organizations with advanced visualization, data analysis, and system management, driving efficiency in control and monitoring processes.
  3. AssistaRobot with Vision Sensor Technology - Step into the realm of advanced robotics with the AssistaRobot demo kit featuring Vision Sensor Technology. This demonstration illustrated how Mitsubishi Electric integrates cutting-edge vision sensors into robotic systems, enhancing their adaptability and precision. The AssistaRobot demo kit showcased real-world applications where vision technology contributes to increased efficiency and quality in manufacturing processes.
  4. J5 Servo Showcase -Witness the precision and power of the J5 Servo in action. This demo kit showcased the exceptional capabilities of Mitsubishi Electric's servo technology. Attendees explored how J5 Servo ensures smooth and accurate motion control in various applications, enhancing the overall efficiency of industrial processes.
  5. e-F@ctory Starter Package - Dive into the future of smart manufacturing with the e-F@ctory Starter Package. This demo kit illustrated how Mitsubishi Electric seamlessly integrates devices and systems using IoT technologies. The e-F@ctory Starter Package empowers businesses to embark on their Industry 4.0 journey, unlocking new levels of connectivity and data-driven decision-making.
  6. System Recorder - Experience the power of data with the System Recorder demo kit. Attendees delved into how this solution captures and analyzes critical data points in real-time. System Recorder not only ensures operational excellence but also serves as a valuable tool for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and optimizing production schedules.
  7. Living Environment (LE) - Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility came to life in the Living Environment demo kit. Attendees explored how Mitsubishi Electric's technologies contribute to creating a harmonious and energy-efficient living environment. From smart HVAC solutions to lighting control, the Living Environment demo kit showcased innovations that align with global sustainability goals.
  8. CNC (M80) - Step into the world of precision machining with the CNC (M80) demo kit. Mitsubishi Electric's CNC solutions offer unparalleled control and accuracy in machining processes. From milling to turning, this demo kit highlighted how Mitsubishi Electric's CNC systems drive efficiency and quality in manufacturing operations.

These demo kits not only showcased Mitsubishi Electric's technological prowess but also allowed attendees to witness these innovations in action.


Takeaway of Mitsubishi Electric's KL Seminar 2024

Ultech Engineering's participation in the Mitsubishi Electric seminar was not just a testament to our commitment as an authorized brand partner but also an invaluable opportunity to stay at the forefront of factory automation advancements. The seminar not only highlighted current offerings but also provided a glimpse into the future of automation and the transformative power of Mitsubishi Electric's solutions.

As we move forward, Ultech Engineering remains dedicated to incorporating these learnings into our solutions, ensuring that our clients in East Malaysia benefit from the latest in Mitsubishi Electric's factory automation technologies.

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