Ultech Engineering's Success at OGA 2023: Forging Connections and Showcasing Innovation

Ultech Engineering's Success at OGA 2023: Forging Connections and Showcasing Innovation

The month of September 2023 marked a significant milestone for Ultech Engineering as we participated in the highly anticipated OGA 2023, Asia's largest oil and gas event held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This event was not just an exhibition; it was a resounding success that allowed us to make new contacts, strengthen relationships with existing clients, and establish ourselves as a dynamic and constantly growing player in the industry.

Preparing for OGA 2023

Our journey began on September 11th, as eight members of the Ultech Engineering team (including our Directors, Mr. Pang and Mr. Eddie) arrived in Kuala Lumpur from our base in Miri, Sarawak. The initial days were filled with meticulous preparations for our exhibition booth. We divided our teams into groups, with some team members attending a hands-on training session hosted by Siemens, one of our esteemed brand partners. The training from Siemens focused on "Industrial Edge," a cutting-edge technology that we would later loan the demo kit to showcase at our booth. Meanwhile, others collected ready collaterals and materials from around Kuala Lumpur, ensuring that everything was ready for the big event.

Setting Up the Booth


September 12th was designated as our setup day, even though our booth was relatively compact at 9 square meters. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to unbox materials, assemble furniture, arrange promotional items, and fine-tune our demo sets and video presentations. We were fortunate to receive support from our brand partners, Mitsubishi Electric, Weidmuller, and DEIF, who supplied us with corporate gifts, leaflets, and demo sets for display. Notably, Weidmuller and Ultech Engineering collaborated to direct traffic flow to each other's booths since we were located in different halls, Hall 4 and Hall 7 respectively.

Day 1: A Promising Start


The event kicked off with the opening ceremony on Day 1, starting at 8:30 AM. Our booth, strategically located on the floor where visitors collected their entry passes, ensured a continuous flow of visitors right from the beginning. We engaged with potential clients, vendors, and aspiring students interested in joining our team. Many were captivated by our comprehensive demo experience, which showcased integrated factory automation solutions from various brands and our expertise in integrating diverse models. While not all attendees were directly relevant to our field, the diverse contacts were invaluable.

Day 2: Knowledge Sharing and Connections

Day 2 brought a speaker talk by Weidmuller, which we attended to show our support. Representatives from all our brand partners, including Mitsubishi Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, DEIF, and Weidmuller, visited our booth, underlining the importance of our presence at OGA 2023. We also welcomed invited clients and VIPs who took the opportunity to explore our offerings and captured memorable moments at our booth.

Networking and Farewell

In the evening of Day 2, we participated in a networking night, providing an opportunity to connect with fellow exhibitors and industry peers. As the event drew to a close on Day 3, it was time to disassemble our booth and prepare for the journey back home. The Mitsubishi Electric team generously treated us to a dinner at Dark Horse Bistro, conveniently located near our Airbnb.


OGA 2023 Conclusion: Ready for OGA 2024


OGA 2023 was a remarkable success for Ultech Engineering, characterized by fruitful connections, knowledge sharing, and a showcase of our industry-leading solutions. We look forward to future editions of this event, (and have even signed on the rebooking form!) where we can continue to drive progress, innovation, and collaboration within the oil and gas industry. As we bid farewell to OGA 2023, we carry with us the enthusiasm and inspiration gained from this incredible experience, ready to embark on new journeys and opportunities in the dynamic world of industrial automation and power system design.

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