Unlocking Opportunities: Ultech Engineering at the Curtin Career Fair 2023

Unlocking Opportunities: Ultech Engineering at the Curtin Career Fair 2023

The Curtin Career Fair 2023, held on September 20-21, proved to be a dynamic platform for connecting students with prospective employers and bridging the gap between academic aspirations and the professional world. Among the distinguished participants was Ultech Engineering, a fast-growing local organization based in Miri, with a keen focus on sourcing engineering and marketing talent.


The event, hosted at Curtin University, Miri Campus, featured a robust lineup of participants that included industry giants such as KPMG, Sarawak Oil Palms (SOP), Sakura Ferroalloys, and many more. It was a testament to the university's commitment to providing students with a diverse array of employment opportunities and a glimpse into the real-world workforce.


Curtin Career Fair Engagement Beyond the Booth

Ultech Engineering was an active participant throughout the event. The company set up a booth aimed at engaging potential engineering and marketing students. This allowed students to learn more about Ultech's operations, culture, and the various opportunities available within the organization.

Moreover, Ultech Engineering took a proactive approach by conducting a career talk as well as an engineering talk on the first day of the event. This talk aimed to inspire and motivate students to consider joining the organization. It shed light on the exciting prospects the company offers and how it stands out in terms of supporting local industry.


On-the-Spot Interviews: A Unique Opportunity


One distinctive feature of Ultech Engineering's participation was the on-the-spot interviews conducted on the second day of the event. Interested students had the chance to showcase their skills and passion directly to the hiring managers. This not only expedited the hiring process but also allowed the organization to identify and recruit some of the brightest talents right at the fair.

A Local Perspective

For Ultech Engineering, the Curtin Career Fair was particularly significant due to its local presence in Miri. Participating in the fair allowed the company to directly engage with local candidates who are not only familiar with the region but are also invested in contributing to its growth.

Recognition and Networking


The fair also presented opportunities for exhibitors to be recognized for their participation. Exhibitors received a participant trophy, a token of appreciation for their commitment to engaging with students. Additionally, they enjoyed breakfast and lunch on both days of the event, ensuring they were energized and ready to engage with students.

The event wasn't just about recruitment; it was also about building relationships. A networking dinner, featuring esteemed lecturers and professors from Curtin University, provided an informal setting for meaningful interactions. This facilitated knowledge exchange and potential collaborations between the academic and corporate worlds.

In conclusion, the Curtin Career Fair 2023 was a productive and enriching experience for Ultech Engineering, as well as the many students and organizations involved. It exemplified the importance of these events in fostering connections, bridging the gap between academia and the industry, and helping students embark on their professional journeys. Ultech Engineering's active participation and unique recruitment approach have solidified its reputation as an employer that actively seeks to engage with and invest in local talent.

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