Weidmüller Revolution: Elevating Innovation with MaxGuard, A-Series Terminal Blocks, and Cutting-Edge EV Charger Solutions


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An innovative product refers to a new or significantly improved item or service that introduces novel features, functions, or technologies to the market. Innovation can take various forms, including technological advancements, design improvements, new functionalities, or unique approaches to solving problems. Innovative products often aim to meet unmet needs, enhance user experiences, or disrupt existing markets by offering something distinctive. They may leverage cutting-edge technologies, materials, or design principles to differentiate themselves from existing products.

Explore the world of electrical systems with Weidmüller, where innovation and efficiency take centre stage. Our journey covers various aspects, starting with the revolutionary maxGuard system by Weidmüller, a game-changer in control voltage distribution. Moving beyond maxGuard, we look into different terminal block technologies, comparing Spring connection with PUSH IN technology and Screw connection with stud technology, all offered by Weidmüller Our exploration concludes in the realm of electric mobility, introducing the versatile Weidmüller AC SMART charging box family—a solution designed for both homes and businesses. Join us as we uncover the different aspects of these cutting-edge technologies, each playing a crucial role in shaping the future of electrical systems and mobility with Weidmüller at the forefront.

Weidmüller maxGuard

Weidmüller maxGuard via website

What is this Product?

The Weidmüller maxGuard system is an integrated solution revolutionising control voltage distribution. It combines terminal blocks and electronic load monitors into a unified 24 V DC control voltage distribution system. The streamlined approach enhances installation efficiency, and safety against failures and reduces space requirements on the terminal rail.

What does this Product do? / What is the usage/ benefit of this Product?

The primary function of Weidmüller maxGuard is to provide fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distribution. By integrating terminal blocks and load monitors, the system saves installation time, increases safety, and reduces space requirements by 50%. This innovative solution goes beyond the automation industry, finding applications in diverse sectors.

What are the other modules?

The Weidmüller maxGuard system extends its utility to shipbuilding and hazardous environments, showcasing its adaptability. Additionally, the inclusion of power supplies further enhances its capabilities. These power supplies boast high efficiency, compact dimensions and minimal heat generation. With various product series optimized for different applications, including Ex approvals for the processing industry and a flat shape suitable for building distribution tasks, maxGuard’s power supply module proves versatile across industries.

Application of Weidmüller products in the industry

Electric Load Monitoring Via Website

Beyond the automation industry, maxGuard finds applications in various sectors where efficient control voltage distribution is critical. In manufacturing industries, such as automotive and aerospace, the streamlined installation and increased safety offered by maxGuard contribute to enhanced overall operational efficiency. The power supply module's adaptability to diverse AC/DC inputs and temperature ranges makes it suitable for applications in these industries where reliable power sources are paramount.

In the energy sector, maxGuard ability to operate in hazardous environments positions it as a reliable choice for power distribution in oil and gas facilities. The integration of load monitoring adds an extra layer of safety, crucial in environments where any failure can have severe consequences. Looking specifically at the power supply module, its relevance extends to various industries where a stable and efficient power supply is essential. From telecommunications to healthcare, the ability of Weidmüller switch-mode power supplies to resist short circuits and overloads ensures reliable performance across diverse applications.

Differences between maxGuard and topGuard

Communication capabilities

  • topGuard: Emphasizes IO-Link Capability, allowing for remote control options and full data transparency. This feature enables seamless communication with other IO-link-capable devices and systems, providing a more interconnected and communicative load-monitoring solution.
  • maxGuard: While it doesn’t specifically mention IO-Link, it integrates terminal blocks and load monitors into a unified system. The focus is on streamlining control voltage distribution and saving space through an innovative combination of component

Integration with Power Supplies

  • topGuard: Positioned as the ideal complement to IO-Link capable PROtop power supplies. This suggests a seamless integration between the load monitoring system and specific power supply solutions, possibly providing enhanced compatibility and optimized performance.
  • maxGuard: Integrates power supplies, particularly switch-mode power supplies, into its system. The emphasis is on high efficiency, compact dimensions, and minimal heat generation. The power supply module is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various applications.

Approach to Potential Distribution

  • topGueard: Adopts an innovative approach to integrated potential distribution, emphasizing space and time savings during device installation. This implies a focus on optimizing the physical layout and installation process of the load monitoring system.
  • maxGuard: Also employs an integrated approach, combining terminal blocks and load monitors. The emphasis is on reducing complexity, saving installation time, and minimizing space requirements on the terminal rail.

Parameterization and Control

  • topGuard: Facilitates parameterization and control through the connection of a communication module and integration of an IODD (IO Device Description) file. This suggests a user-friendly and configurable system that allows for customization based on specific operational requirements.
  • maxGuard: While it doesn't explicitly mention IO-Link, it emphasizes the simplicity of installation and includes load monitoring and potential distribution in one integrated system. The details about parameterization and control are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information.

Weidmüller A-Series Terminal Block

Klippon® Connect for DIN rail Via Website

In the era of Industry 4.0, efficient panel building is paramount for navigating complex production processes. Terminal blocks play a crucial role in ensuring seamless connectivity, and two pioneering solutions that stand out are the Spring connection with PUSH IN technology and the Screw connection with stud technology. In this article, we will delve into the innovative features of these technologies, explore their respective product lines, and conduct a comprehensive comparison to highlight their unique advantages.

Spring Connection with PUSH IN Technology: Klippon Connect introduces a groundbreaking solution with its Spring connection using PUSH IN technology. This method revolutionizes the traditional approach to connecting wires in terminal blocks. The key features and benefits of PUSH IN technology include:

Spring connection with PUSH IN technology Via Website
  1. Quick, Simple, and Safe:
    • Reduces connection times by up to 50% compared to clamping yoke terminals.
    • Enables direct plug connectors, ensuring a safe and gas-tight connection.
    • Accommodates solid wires and those with crimped-on wire-end ferrules effortlessly.
  2. Maximum Flexibility:
    • Offers a comprehensive selection of accessories and cross-connection options.
    • The modular terminal blocks (A-Series) provide a tailored solution for diverse requirements.
    • Guarantees excellent contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.
  3. Innovative PUSH IN-Power Connection:
    • Introduces high-current terminal blocks (A2C 150/185) for cross-sections from 25 to 185 mm².
    • Ensures good visibility marking, standardized testing options, and identification of external voltage.
  4. Decentralized Systems with Side PUSH IN Connection:
    • Combines advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology.
    • Allows clear wiring without protruding bending radius, reducing installation height.

Screw Connection with Stud Technology, Weidmuller addresses connectivity challenges, especially in demanding environments like transportation, with its Screw connection using stud technology. The notable features and benefits are:

Screw connection with stud technology Via Website
  1. Reliable Power Transfer:
    • Designed for voltage ranges up to 4,000 V and currents up to 700 A.
    • A robust design with crimped cable lugs ensures a secure connection.
  2. Safe for Harsh Environments:
    • Ideal for applications where reliable power transfer is critical, such as traffic engineering and high-speed trains.
    • Materials comply with fire prevention regulations according to DIN EN 45545.
  3. Flexible Portfolio:
    • Offers an extensive range of one and two-stud terminals.
    • Provides safe operation through cover profiles or hinged hoods (snap-on/screwable).

Weidmüller EV Charger

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility, the AC SMART charging box family emerges as a versatile and efficient solution for both residential and commercial applications. The platform-based charging concept, featuring three distinct lines – ECO, VALUE, and ADVANCED – offers a comprehensive range of options, catering to the diverse needs of electric vehicle (EV) users.

Installation and Maintenance-Friendly Design: The AC SMART charging boxes prioritize not only the desires of EV operators and users but also those responsible for the installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure. The design ensures simplicity and speed during installation, providing a user-friendly experience for both end-users and technicians. The installation and maintenance-friendly design, coupled with standardized interfaces and versatile configuration options, allows for adaptability to various applications.

Advantages of the AC SMART Family

The AC SMART family boasts a range of advantages that make it a standout choice in the market. The key features include a user-friendly design, simple access options to the charging station, enhanced efficiency throughout the product's life cycle, minimized potential for errors, and durability with the option for future expandability.


AC SMART ECO Via Website

The Perfect Wallbox for Home Charging: Designed for residential use, the AC SMART ECO is an intuitive stand-alone wallbox, that offers efficient and cost-effective charging for electric vehicles at home. With a power range from 7.4 to 22 kW, this wallbox can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments without the need for extensive electrical renovations. The AC SMART ECO also allows for networking via interfaces with any existing building automation system, ensuring effective EV charging.



Secure Charging for Multi-Family Houses: The AC SMART VALUE charging box is tailored for private multi-family homes or properties with multiple parking spaces. This solution ensures secure charging through user authentication via RFID/NFC or a mobile app, preventing unauthorized access. The integrated static load management prevents overloading of the electrical installation and efficiently distributes resources to all connected EV charging boxes, making it an ideal solution for shared spaces.



Efficient Charging for Businesses: Geared towards businesses, self-employed individuals, and municipalities, the AC SMART ADVANCED offers fast and intelligent power distribution for electric vehicles in a semi-public environment. With features like dynamic load/charge management, secure access control, and MID-compliant recording of charging data, this charging box is designed for professional and commercial use. The integration of dynamic load management allows for efficient and cost-optimized utilization of existing electrical installations, making it a sustainable choice for businesses.

AC SMART Mobile App

AC SMART Mobile App Via Website

A Smarter Way to Charge by complementing the AC SMART charging boxes is a dedicated mobile app, that provides users with a simple and secure way to manage their charging solution. With the app, users can check the status of their charging box, start and stop charging processes, set individual charging currents, and make additional configurations. The AC SMART Mobile App is offered free of charge with the purchase of any charging box from the AC SMART family.


In conclusion, the maxGuard system emerges as a groundbreaking solution, elevating control voltage distribution to new heights. Its integration of terminal blocks, load monitors, and power supplies not only streamlines installation and enhances safety but also showcases adaptability across sectors, including hazardous environments. The comparison with topGuard highlights the distinct strengths of maxGuard, emphasizing its focus on simplicity, space efficiency, and reduction of installation complexities. As industries embrace the challenges of Industry 4.0, maxGuard proves to be a versatile and indispensable tool for efficient panel building and electrical system optimization.

Moving beyond control voltage distribution, the article transitions to the realm of efficient panel building, where terminal blocks play a pivotal role. Exploring two pioneering solutions, Spring connection with PUSH IN technology and Screw connection with stud technology, we uncover their innovative features, and benefits, and conduct a comprehensive comparison. The article concludes with a foray into the realm of electric mobility, introducing the AC SMART charging box family and its three distinct lines ECO, VALUE, and ADVANCED.

These charging solutions cater to the diverse needs of electric vehicle users, promising not only user-friendly experiences but also installation and maintenance-friendly designs. As we explore the advantages of the AC SMART family and its tailored solutions for residential, multi-family, and commercial applications, it becomes evident that these charging boxes, coupled with a dedicated mobile app, present a smarter and more efficient way to embrace electric mobility in both residential and commercial settings.

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