4 Weidmüller Products as a Beacon of Safety in Electrical Environments

4 Weidmüller Products as a Beacon of Safety in Electrical Environments

Weidmüller is a well-known provider of products in the field of electrical connectivity, transmission, and conditioning of power, signals, and data in industrial environments. At Ultech Engineering, we are proud to have them as our partner and as one of their authorized distributors in Malaysia.

Weidmüller products are known for meeting high-quality standards, including safety considerations in various industrial applications. They offer a range of solutions for electrical connectivity, transmission, and conditioning of power, signals, and data. While safety at work involves a combination of factors, including product quality, adherence to safety standards, and proper usage, Weidmüller is generally recognized for producing reliable and durable products.

In industrial environments, safety is a critical concern, especially when dealing with electrical systems. Weidmüller products, including those designed for hazardous environments and certified for explosion protection (Ex-proof), are aimed at ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations in explosive areas.

4 Weidmüller Products that Promote Safety at Work

1. Varitector: Surge Protection Reinvented


The Varitector series from Weidmüller typically includes reliable lightning and surge protection devices designed to safeguard electronic equipment and systems from overvoltage events. These devices are commonly used to protect sensitive electronics in industrial settings from transient voltage spikes and surges. Some of the Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) are categorized into products for various applied scenarios such as:

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) Categories Type of Products
Energy Systems AC Voltage, Photovoltaics
Instrumentation and Control (I&C) pluggable VSPC series, non-pluggable VSSC series in terminal design, non-pluggable MCZovp series with tension-clamp connection, Cable Gland VCG series
Data Interfaces Ethernet, RS232, RRS48, RS422

Lastly, the Varitector surge protection series also comes with a range of accessories such as V-TEST II testing device for VPU AC and VPU PV, V-TEST testing device for VSPC, Mains/signal filter, Varitector Logger, VPCB Base PV, VPU Series and VPU Busbar.

2. Weidmüller SCS Safety Relays: Ensuring Fail-Safe Operations

Weidmüller's SCS Safety Relay Series is a part of its portfolio designed to address safety-related applications in industrial settings. Safety relays play a crucial role in monitoring safety functions and ensuring a safe state of equipment. The Weidmuller SCS Safety Relay Series includes relays that comply with relevant safety standards and are suitable for various safety applications.

Key features of safety relays often include monitoring safety functions, used in applications for emergency stops and monitoring of guards and doors. compact design with diagnostic and status indicators, and compliance with safety standards to ensure their reliability in safety-critical applications.

The SCS Series safety relays include four different versions that are used for functional safety-related shutdown in process automation systems. They are cULus listed and certified IEC 61508 for SIL3 (TÜV).

3. Weidmüller W-Series Modular Terminal Blocks: Versatility in Safety


Weidmüller's W-Series modular terminal blocks are part of their comprehensive range of electrical connectivity solutions. Weidmüller is known for producing a variety of terminal blocks designed for industrial applications. The W-Series, in particular, offers modular terminal blocks with features suitable for a wide range of wiring and connectivity needs.

Weidmüller’s W-Series modular terminal block range has proven its worth countless times over the years in its automation solutions for the process industry due to its strong reputation of reliability.


WDU Series feed-through terminal blocks with yoke connection technology. The terminals are highly reliable and make planning easier and optimise operational safety. Warning covers with a flash symbol provide more safety for man and machine. They are used where external voltage must be indicated within the application.

The ’W’ series screw clamp terminals are suitable for ’Top Hat’ DIN Rail and manufactured from nylon 6.6 which has a continuous temperature rating of 120°C (180°C short term). They are self-extinguishing to UL94V-0 and free from cadmium and halogen. Current bars are constructed from 10 mm electrolytic copper to ensure a current loading of more than a nominal rating. Terminals are suitable for mounting on symmetric ’Top Hat’ rail only (BS5584:1978, EN 50022) and are touchproof in accordance with BS 3042.


4. Klippon Protect Enclosure System: Robust Shielding for Critical Components


The Klippon Protect enclosure system by Weidmüller is designed to provide robust and secure housing for electrical and electronic components, promoting safety in various industrial applications. Klippon TB and EBx enclosures typically apply to explosive areas panel installations whilst specific features may vary depending on the model and application, there are some general ways in which the Klippon Protect enclosure system contributes to safety.

7 Factors that Determine How a Weidmüller Klippon Protect Enclosure Can Contribute to Safety

  1. Material and Construction:
    • Durable Materials: Klippon Protect enclosures are typically constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or robust thermoplastics. This ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors, promoting long-term safety.
  2. Protection Against Environmental Factors:
    • Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings: Klippon Protect enclosures often come with specific IP ratings indicating their resistance to dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. Higher IP ratings signify better protection against ingress, ensuring the safety of internal components.
  3. Customization and Modularity:
    • Flexible Configurations: The system usually allows for flexible configurations and modular designs. This adaptability ensures that the enclosure can be tailored to accommodate various components and configurations, promoting efficient and safe installation.
  4. Safety Certifications:
    • Compliance with Standards: Weidmuller products, including the Klippon Protect enclosure system, are designed and tested to comply with industry standards and safety regulations. Certifications from relevant authorities indicate that the enclosures meet specific safety requirements.
  5. Temperature Management:
    • Thermal Management: Some Klippon Protect enclosures are equipped with features to manage internal temperatures effectively. This is crucial for preventing overheating of sensitive electronic components, contributing to overall system safety.
  6. Secure Sealing:
    • Tight Seals: The enclosures are designed with tight seals and secure locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. This enhances safety by protecting against tampering and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the enclosed components.
  7. Application-Specific Designs:
    • Specialized Variants: Weidmuller offers specialized variants of Klippon Protect enclosures for specific applications, such as those in hazardous or corrosive environments. These variants are designed to meet the unique safety challenges of these applications.

Weidmüller Products—A Trusted Name in Safety

Weidmüller's commitment to safety is exemplified through its innovative product range. The Varitector, SCS Safety Relays, W-Series Modular Terminal Blocks, and Klippon Protect Enclosure System collectively contribute to establishing a safer, more reliable electrical environment. As industries evolve, Weidmüller remains a trusted partner, continuously setting the standard for safety in electrical engineering. Embrace the future with confidence—choose Weidmüller products for unparalleled safety and performance.

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